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Federal and local authorities continue to investigate a south L a explosion caused when police attempted to safely detonate a cache of illegal fireworks. The Bureau of ATF is helping and it looks like they'll be here for a while. There is no timeline. It could take days. It could take weeks. 80 F spokeswoman Ginger Colburn, those caught using illegal fireworks can be fined up to $1000 and face imprisonment for up to six months. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute is suing a Republican political consulting group, alleging the 40th president's name and image are being used without authorization. The semi Valley based foundation claims political media Incorporated and the Constitutional Rights Political Action Committee. Violated federal copyright protections by operating a website to promote a Trump Reagan club. The lawsuit filed this week in Los Angeles Federal court claims the defendant sold email accounts and collected cash contributions by unlawfully using Reagan's name and image. The plaintiffs contend that the use of Reagan's image and helps the groups to unfairly received the quote, benefit and goodwill associated with the foundation. Checking sports and baseball. The Dodgers played the Nationals at 4, 15 and the Angels House, the Orioles at seven K. ABC. So Cal, whether sunny for the rest of the afternoon with hives from around 70 of the beaches to the upper seventies to mid eighties inland. Woodland Hills has 88 degrees Hawthorne is 74 downtown is 81 on this long July 4th weekend K. ABC reminds you to take stock of all the good that this country stands for it and honor those who keep America free. I'm Steve Coming. 7 90 K ABC news ABC. Dependable traffic right now. Hollywood Freeway one on one side found at Vermont Avenue. A broken down cars in the left hand lane South. Wanna one leaving Hollywood slow going from Vine Street to the downtown L A four level north 1 to 1. You're tapping breaks from the East La Interchange to Silver Lake and the one on one westbound of Ventura Freeway. Slow going, leaving Studio City from Cold Water Canyon down to receivable of art. That's dependable traffic. I Mike Morris am 7 90 K. ABC. Are you the spark The savings at J. C. Penney's fourth of July sale now through Sunday, get up to 50% off select furniture,.

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