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Shooting that killed three people including two children ages six and thirteen John Laurence reports still Roy mayor rolling Velasco among those thinking of the people lost in Sunday's shooting rampage the Gilmore community will mourn but we will get through it this has the Tories gather more information on the nineteen year old suspect in the attack police chief Scott maybe we found out that the rifle at this suspect used was an SKS there's a AKB forty seven type assault rifle it was purchased legally in the state of Nevada I'm John Laurie the family of a nineteen year old American under investigation for the slaying of an Italian police officer says U. S. government official has meant put that jail teen but again Lee elder went to Rome because he said his friend eighteen year old Gabriel growth and relatives there truth is also in custody in connection with the murder of a thirty five year old plain clothes officer managers at Capital One bank claim a hacker gained access to more than one hundred million customer accounts and credit card applications earlier this year the justice department says the compromise data includes one hundred forty thousand souls will security numbers one million Canadian social insurance numbers and eighty thousand bank account numbers in addition to an undisclosed number of people's names addresses credit scores credit limits balances and other information thirty three year old Paige Thompson was arrested in connection with the breach the justice department alleges that Thompson posted on the information sharing site get hub about her theft of information from the servers storing Capital One data I'm bill Michael through your service members are dead killed in Afghanistan by Afghan soldier brings the number of US service members killed there to twelve this year I'm only at Francis.

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