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You ought to canada to trust me. Cyborg so let me tell you what were some of your getting shots tickets to show. I'm gonna to guarantee with the first one hundred doses of this new market produce you or main style hours over owning. Maybe you're shoot laser. Sure it's possible. Wanna get dressed up in a cloak feed on people's darcus proof of that somewhere powers probably still be okay. I'm technically not that refers set rapid speed disappearing. A pile of tablet specific. But i wanna be sure to. Communicate is a possible side effect. so it's getting alcohol all right. Thank you to president silverman. That's on your show so so much less hostile than swarm. Yeah no absolutely. I mean i think his promises in regard to the vaccine or a little far fetched but i i agree with the The spirit of the whole thing. So thank you to president. Silver main for for all of that well mark. It's getting late. So i i think it's time for us to start heading home. I am going to Lead us out by talking about our patriae on. If you find this show entertaining invaluable. Please consider supporting us. Recommend amazing spider talked to a friend. And if you're able become a member on patriotic we can only bring you this content with the support of patriarch members than we owe the show success every single one of them we are constantly making exclusive content for our members. This week feature on members will hear dan and my review of semester war number two and the spiderman free comic book day issue. Yeah why not take three dollars. Ninety nine cents the price of a new comic and put towards a month subscription get support the show and start receiving are patriot content that will hear our patriot and exclusive review. Podcast of every new issue of meeting spiderman. The same week he comes out instead of waiting for it to arrive in our public. Podcast feed and if you contribute ten dollars a month you gain access to exclusive artwork from famous spiderman. Artists commissioned exclusively for members. This season will be mailing out of print by artists ron friends. He's created a loss page of the kid who collects spiderman for us inked by brett breeding depicting. Tim and spidey sharing laughs over. Tim spiderman comic collection every episode. We release a new episode specific. Desktop background created for us by artists. Nicad nettie for our patrons to enjoy. Also it's a hard time for everybody as it is for us to especially heading into this fall. Be safe everyone to We appreciate anyone who supports the show by listening and sharing which helps us out a great deal but if you do have the means please join our patriots support. The continued existence of our show. Just follow the lincoln the description and thank you gang all the members who already make this show possible time time for all good things to come to an end so we want to say thank you to you. The listeners and viewers for tuning into this episode of the amazing spider talk yeah. This episode was edited by rick coast with production. Support from andy myers. Artwork comes handcrafted by artists. Ron friends salbu. Sama racer nee canetti. Our theme songs produced by ryland bocek and spider madge plus our introduction animation and musical singer. Come from josh sutton. From the youtube show panels to pixels. This was a lot of fun. Dan but tell me you know. I'm going to be really happy with this right. What's coming up back your mark. I think our next episode is the one that everyone has been waiting for since the start of the season. Yes finally mark. And i are going to be talking about our favorite subject and very favorite subject of i think a lot of our listeners and it is the hob goblin. We're doing part one of our three part series on the hob goblin mark. I can't wait to talk about this. Except that i can't wait to talk about this because our lives are kind of getting a little complicated over the next few weeks on me starting school again. You're doing a bunch of stuff. I don't know if you wanna talk about it. I'm going on vacation. But yeah i mean also you know stuff at work is ramping up. You know with the fall. Coming and everything so i mean i am on the school but for whatever reason falls picking up for us so yeah. We'll we'll probably have a little bit of a delay with these to make sure that there's you know well done and well researched and everything we want them to be but you know they will come and they will be. They will be fantastic right then. Yeah i mean we. We want these to be like the definitive article on the hobgoblins. You know so. We're going to reach back into old interviews that we've done and hopefully conduct some new interviews like we. We really are going to put this all together. So that by the time you're done listening to these three episodes. Hopefully you are fully versed in all the ins and out of the hobgoblins and the drama behind the scenes and all of that craziness that we love about our favorite botched bill if you will so. I'm really excited about it. In the meantime. I'm sure we'll have some other special things popping up in the feed here you know. We can never sit to italy if you're itching for more things jump on the patriot and there's going to be a bunch of great stuff there you know starting you probably after this this episode but yeah mark. I can't wait the hobgoblins i. It's going to be a lot of fun. And i want to put this to rest for a really long time. Absolutely i can't wait them speaking of Kind of extra content. If you're tuning in live don't forget as soon as the show ends. Our conversation will continue with our audience on youtube. And if you missed out on amazing spider talk live this time you know. Don't worry we'll be back soon on youtube. So go there. And subscribe and click on the bell to stay on top of all the new live recordings that will be doing in the future but as always will remain a podcast. First and foremost that's gonna always be consistent for us. Just like how we end the show. And that's with our motto. So mark until you and i are injected with drugs that unlock our latent mutant podcasting powers that make us inextricably linked together. What's armato wow. That's very specific. Dad with great podcasts. There must also come a spider next..

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