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Oh eight percent the spread of viruses with Michael and sons germicidal UV C. go to Michael and son dot com weather can weather on the eight and when it breaks right good news on the outer loop of the beltway at all and just after old Georgetown road longstanding crash finally wrapped up and cleared all lanes have been re opened the on ramp from old Georgetown road to the outlook also re open to traffic and once again continue through on the island to Bethesda headed toward the American Legion bridge MBR now else run the belly in Maryland as quiet through prince George's county again some showers moving trees you're gonna see some wet roadways some roads price so please watch your speeds out there this evening now if you're traveling I'd toward Annapolis fifty eastbound on the Severn river bridge eventually down the one singling to left his works on the westbound side all lanes are open tonight if you're driving that stretch of four fifty which tends to flight is closed again for flooding four fifty defense highway between St Stephen's church road Humm what Dr no change there is that remains close for Genya ninety five north on a shed north through dell city toward Woodbridge in the prince William parkway single file let's get you bother work sound also working south on three ninety five south king street headed past seminary road toward Duke street two right lanes goodbye hi if your travel further south headed toward Edsall road minor crash there was quickly cleared over the right shoulder all lanes are open southbound three ninety five right there it's all road if you're traveling on sixty six both inside and outside the beltway for now no major issues to report at Leesburg that stretch of Sigmund road between Shreve mill road and the Dulles greenway that remains closed in both directions as a result of flooding and actually treat mill that's close between sick land road and the green light as a result of flooding American military university is the number one educated U. S. military members joined fellow national security and public safety professionals making a difference in A. M. you push your mind it M. U. online dot com rich honor WTOP traffic now your storm team four four day forecast was storm team four chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer yeah we're still seeing a couple of showers out there after what was another very rainy day today today actually top the salad.

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