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Is a little like shed any lives above the shed well they show the the signal is worse than that you guys this is like my nightmare no because can you guess what animal can't it's a little shed and then you see the corn meal and it's open and there's rats in there eating it didn't pull be leaving stuff in there and they have fleas and that's what caused and that's what's going around walnut Grove in this episode yes this I kind of remember this it's really scary it is as a kid you didn't know about stuff like this no and this poor family dad comes in and tells like doc we need your help my boy is sick so the doctor goes up there he well he ate the court hoop that the pope was in at the fleas were and all that now the kid is is dying and so the doc says okay everybody we need a nice bed so they don't get these big I mean these are big chunks of ice I mean they probably used the pick to get little pieces of ice and he makes his ice bed in in his bed all around him and wraps them up like a little bird Rideau an important kit is sweating and is has a fever he's just so sick well while he's helping the kid mom comes down with it too these are random people we've not seen you think are they gonna die mom made a route right but it's a sport that the poor family that was praying for Mister Pearson because they could actually eat so you just feel so bad for them already right well unfortunately mama die that's true no no disposable characters yeah eagles but the the mom to mom a little boy the little boy's name is Paul he's still sick but mama dies and so doc is starting to get worried because more people are coming down with the symptoms and they can't figure it out now we know as the audience because we've seen the rats in the morning meal and so I.

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