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Your host Pat Williams Sebastian worker can use for has an interesting straight answers to questions one of the questions is this what is your advice for conservatives living in search democratic strongholds as Californians to choose and Mr Gorka replies never give up look at what we achieved in areas we were told would never vote Republican again I traveled with the president to Youngstown Ohio to a rally in July two thousand seventeen and was remarkable we landed at a base he got into a convoy drove a few miles to the stadium and on the left hand side of the road all we saw was broken down steel mill after broken down steel mill the right hand side for miles all we saw were Americans wearing their make America great again hats waving the American flag we got to the stadium and then I saw the power of M. A. G. A. and the trump of fact these people were clearly manual labor salt of the earth true Americans who had been registered Democrats their parents and grandparents have Democrats blue collar Democrats but when the First Lady and the president came out on the stage he couldn't start is speech for minutes because they were chanting USA USA rain this one up that's incredible that's a billionaire Republic president's steel valley Ohio if you can happen there then don't give up anywhere even in San Francisco or Boston yes parts of California in Massachusetts seem to have lost their minds in terms of how they re elect people who will bankrupt their communities and create conditions that are undeliverable but if the president can win over a Democrat county like Trumbull county which hasn't been won by a nun incumbent Republican since nineteen twenty eight and almost win my hunting county which to cut counties divide Youngstown Ohio between and then truly anything is possible so hold the line never give up keep the faith and just remember we owe it to the president he has sacrificed everything for us so the least we can do is to support him and then Mister gore could got a question have you considered running for office people have said I should run for president I thank them for the compliment but I can't because I wasn't born here I've toyed with the idea of running for office in Virginia but I'm having too much fun on my radio show and I think doing some good without having to become a political swap dollar well what's in store for after two thousand twenty four what's in store for two thousand or twenty forces Mister Gorka that could be the subject for my next book and then go work in disaster is president trump's impact here to stay there are very few people like trump out there but I think that he is change American politics in ways that are irrevocable politics as usual cannot continue in exactly the same way as it did before if you look just at the way messaging works his use of social media Twitter how certain interests the never truckers have been totally broken I don't know if you'll see a lot more from trump's I don't know that they exist but we will certainly see more celebrities in non politicians running for office from shredded the rule book for running a campaign if you look at how we campaign worry one how we crossed over into Democratic Party strongholds working class areas and even beat Mitt Romney among minority voters as a Republican presidential candidate and that blue collar conservative trump of factors changed American politics in ways that will in door his presidency is clearly already is stark that is from other bashing Gorka our guest here in this segment his book of the war for America's soul a Regner is the publisher well thanks so much for joining us here so far on the Pat Williams weekend our news ninety six five of course in Orlando we've got more so stay with us alright here will be back after these messages this is news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. Orlando turns first for breaking news traffic twenty four hours a day in Britain is our members of parliament holding a rare session.

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