R Kelly, Mr Robert Kraft, New England Patriots discussed on PM Tampa Bay with Ryan Gorman


Clearwater. Charges against the Grammy winner, I'm rich Denison. Fox News R and B singer R Kelly says he'll turn himself into Chicago police tonight to face a number of sexual abuse charges. Kelly has been indicted on ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse by prosecutors and Cook County last week a grand jury convened to investigate an alleged sex tape that lawyer Michael Abernathy handed over to a thirties this past week two women testified with one providing physical evidence the charges stem from the tape which allegedly shows him having sex with a fourteen year old girl of an ATI reportedly had multiple clients as this investigation began ten months ago. Fox's Michelle Pollino, the owner of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots facing charges out of Florida following an investigation into a sex trafficking. Ring. Fox's Eban Brown in Miami. Police around Palm Beach county had announced a large number of arrests in a prostitution sting stemming from an investigation into the orchids of Asia day spa in the town of. Supervisor and one man facing charges. They said has quite a high profile. He owns the New England Patriots. That would be Mr Robert Kraft. He's being charged with the same offenses as the the others. And that is so exciting another to commit prostitution Jupiter. Police chief Daniel Kerr craft is facing two counts of misdemeanor solicitation, corresponding to two visits. He's alleged to have made to the spa Grafton is any wrongdoing. President Trump today again saying he's not worried about the outcome of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election meddling in possible. Links to his campaign there was no collusion. There was no obstruction. There was no anything. So that's the nice part. There was no phone calls. No, nothing. Attorney general William bar will ultimately decide how much of that report is made public. President Trump tonight announcing US ambassador to Canada Kelly craft as his new choice for u n on.

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