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Two year old isn't it? The park hill was so impressive. And in terms of time form ratings, her performance there would have been entitled to a finished certainly in the top two or three in the ledger itself, because the park is known as the Philly sent ledger, isn't it? But I think the way it should have got off the cult she'd have been more than able to hold her own in the same ledger itself. She was so progressive. The nagging doubt, obviously, is we haven't seen her for a while, so presumably she's maybe had one or two new goals. She's maybe taken a little while to come to hand. Her main threat in here a shada is already up and running. We last saw her 49 days ago. I was a little bit disappointed to be honest and she was being 7 months. You know, I thought it was just, I was just expecting more from her. I just think free wind has the potential to be a group one filling this season. I think you're looking at you're probably looking something like the archer oaks. I say next month, we're not quite into July. We will be a few hours. Yeah, in a matter of hours. I think if she wins this, I think it's all systems go for the Yorkshire oaks. Which would bring about a clash with Tuesday, I believe. We'll see. Maybe Tuesday is going to go for the Irish jokes. Was that confirmed today? I'm now getting confused. We actually had an important call today. But she may very well be going there to the Irish oaks, but she would definitely be taken into the orchards as well, which was lay on a terrific one. Her idea, speaking of top class, her idea is a short price favorite with kaluki, the current market Caesar 11 to 8, and then the grand dam who I think was Frankie. In that she was given a bad ride in York. And if you ever see a bad ride, we're just going to call just say your horse got Frankie because I believe that's what John garstin is saying. I don't believe that at all. I've never heard that. But let's make that a thing, why don't we? Oh, she got an awful ride at York possessed way too much. And was then pitched into group one company at royal ascot and the coronation and she ran all rice. She's second last beaten, ten lengths, but she ran well for a long way in that race. And this is much more of her cup of tea. And I think she'll take the world of eating here. Ryan Moore on board. Do you think though that the favorite is going to slap me right in the face? Or are you looking elsewhere, my man? Yeah,.

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