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And republicans just were eager and flocking towards this so people to judge is now taking a victory lap. Is he now knows. They are one step closer to eradicate thing oil and natural gas to push the green agenda Three here's the way i think. Transportation is the biggest sector in our economy. When it comes to emitting greenhouse gases so to me that means we have to be the biggest part of the solution. And what's exciting about that. Even though it's daunton is that we can also create a lot of jobs as we go whether it's jobs making the electric vehicles of the future that are gonna provide clean transportation or whether it's jobs in the transit systems that we're funding that are going to help give people alternatives and take cars off the road. Take cars off the road not to mention the economic impacts of this. Are you experiencing inflation. Are you experiencing rising prices. Well you can thank senate republicans for that. Instead of standing for sound currency is that a standing for a stable dollar senate. Republicans basically are now saying inflation. So what we're rich and powerful. It's not like we're our constituents solid. We care about our voters senator. Mike lee who is one of the good guys and a very decent person. I disagree senator. Mike lee on immigration. That's about it senator. Mike lee is amazing on the size and scope of government and really good on monetary policy. And honestly he's a very good person. Yes he's honest. He is fair and he was just terrific on our recent play cut. Twenty nine senator. Mike lee sang inflation's going up because the federal government's been spending too much money doesn't have cut twenty nine. Please look inflation's going way.

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