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In money news. The agawa is up 205 points. Once you might want to do to your iPhone, I'm Jeff cable. Three 18. Traffic and weather on the 8th and Dave dildine in the WTO traffic sign. The beltway in Springfield and Alexandria, the crashes on the inner loop near van dorn on the left shoulder outer loop through lanes near telegraph on the right shoulder. Now they're looking for a new one on the outer loop between van dorn street and the Eisenhower avenue connector. That one would be on the outer loop in all lanes, which were already slow beyond exit one 73. 66 eastbound, the work zone after Prince William Parkway exit 44 is blocking the right main lane of three if you take the express lanes, which are available back in 29 gains, but you get by that without delay, and they express lanes are toll free through the end of the month. All traffic is slow beyond 28 where the express lanes end for now. Delays are brief near the belt way the works on there is clear. Westbound traffic starting to get heavy now behind fair lakes, but no delays out into manassas and Gainesville, 95 south, slower now from lorton to woodbridge. In Maryland on the Italy, coming off the legion bridge and rounding pass to Connecticut avenue, traffic is building, nothing blocking the way on four 95 in Maryland two 70 northbound slow through gathersburg and past one 21 clarksburg. Route 50 is still good between the beltway and the bay bridge through Hyatt's town caller says several route one intersections between queensbury road and alternate one are dark. That is not storm related, but with the potential of storm impacts like this over the next few hours, always stops by law at the dark powerless intersections. The pandemic drove cloud option forward now agencies are embracing new services and cloud models join thundercat and AWS at federal news networks, civilian cloud exchange, September 13th, through the 15th. Dave dildine WTO traffic. Okay, time for weather Mike stenner, what's going on out there? I was still watching that cell over southern suburbs that had the tornado warning earlier. Nothing severe right now, but south of manassas all the way to mooresville. We're seeing a little bit of a bow echo here a soy based art seeing some high winds here. It is the cell starts to pulse and it may increase in intensity as it moves into portions of Stafford

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