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Say the suspect was already running from officers trying to contact him at a light rail station when the officer in the patrol car tried to speak with him. They say the man reached behind his back pulled out a dark object and got in a shooting stance. The officer reacted in rammed him with the patrol car later found a cell phone next to the suspect who is now in serious condition, but expected to recover in Mesa graph for KTAR news. Police chief suspended in a sergeant quits, amidst buckeyes full t crime reporting chief Larry hall got a forty hour suspension, because of oversight deficiencies unbecoming conduct Sergeant James vergamo quit the force before he could be fired for mistreating workers Lieutenant Charles are laquelle suspended twenty hours buckeyes outside of found. Police didn't accurately report crime stats. The city spokeswoman says they're fixing that study ranked Buckeye eras second. Safest city based on its crime reports Peterson more KTAR news. Police department has a new approach to address mental health, it's crisis response team now has a licensed clinical social worker, which spawning, two calls along with officers, the city of Phoenix plans to begin turning plastics into fuel. The city has teamed up with joint venture called be next to build a facility were difficult to recycled plastics will be turned into fuel. These are not your water bottles, or your soda bottles, or your detergent, jugs. Joe judy's with the Phoenix public works department says instead plastics, like yogurt cups and styrofoam. There were companies in China that would buy this material, but that stopped in two thousand seventeen and most of these plastics are no longer being recycled. The good news is soon, we'll be able to recover those again and create fuel out of that city hopes to break ground on the new facility early next year result. The Psotino KTAR news. Good news. We're heading into the weekend with cheaper gas prices. The statewide average pump price at three dollars. Nine cents gas buddy says that's down seven cents from just a week ago. The national average also dropped to seventy seven gallon that's down five cents from last week, KTAR is on the economy here isn't a governor, Doug Ducey signed the Bill to pay off one hundred nine. Ninety million dollars of state debt. It's part of what he says is a.

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