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You can think about this as a decentralized exchange for fiat as we said this platform will be entirely developed in public open source open protocol and any wallet will be able to use no foundation or governance model that td controls permission lists or bust. We love for this to be bitcoin. Native top to bottom. And that's leading us to consider things like ours case. Smart however the gaps needed to build this maybe two large which would also consider other chains as a bridge some of the gaps. We currently see our around cost and scale ability. Lightning is solving for this with payments. We need to solve for exchange infrastructure between digital assets like stable coins. And here's the question and challenge what projects exist today to help us all these problems in a bitcoin native way. Now that we've determined our direction you'll hear a lot more from us. As we progress but for now. Thanks bitcoin netizens. Many many people took mike up on that question about who had been building similar things. One of those was bisque. Who tweeted jack. We've spent the last five plus years building bisque. V one to be the go-to peer to peer decks for bitcoin. Power users were working on v. Two right now to take on everyone else. let's talk. our heads together could result in something better than any of us could imagine. Jack actually responded to that so. Let's go meet bisque. This is the tweet thread. That's pinned to the top of their twitter. Why bisque many of you already know. Please share the spread with those who don't t. l. dr bisque is a paradigm shift biscuits to other exchanges. The way bitcoin is to banks. Why run your own bitcoin note. You already know. Trust no one sovereignty no asking permission. That's the whole point of bitcoin. No compromises so why compromise when trading bitcoin like bitcoin bisque is open source software. You don't trade on a website. You trade on a program on your computer directly with others on a peer to peer network. It's kind of like bittorrent but for bitcoin so also like bitcoin. When you run bisky become master of your own note on a peer to peer network except instead of validating blocks for the bitcoin network. You provide liquidity to the bisque network. Just like bitcoin enables you to be your own bank. Bisque allows you to be your own exchange. Once you see that the case for bisque is clear and it's hard to go back to anything else besides the folks who were pointing to a specific technology that they wanted the team at square to look into there. Were also a fair number of cynical takes particularly from other non. Bitcoin defy communities who found it somewhat annoying that bitcoin maxi's would spend years ripping on defy only to be into it when a bitcoin or wants to do it. Someone i think wrote defy on. Bitcoin is like an app store. Blackberry while i understand that frustration and genuinely wish that people would spend less time ripping on each other on twitter. I do think it's more intellectually coherent than many of those critics might think if your base is carrying about the nature of the underlying asset a global sound monetary system. And you have problems with how a theory or any other layer. One defied chain was created or as governed. That doesn't mean you wouldn't want the sort of decentralized financial rails on top of your sound money asset in general. It just means that you're not willing to sacrifice the principles of that asset at the center. Now there's a ton of debate there. I'm just saying that it's not actually intellectually inconsistent to be bitcoin only but still interested in defy. That happens on. Bitcoin either way the more interesting thing to me by a lot is the relevant context. We've just gone through this very fascinating process of watching the fight around the infrastructure. Bill happened where. It's very clear that certain parts of the us government are extraordinarily nervous about this decentralized non-custodial turn for finance. These tools are evolving. A hell of a lot faster than the regulators ability to actually wrap their heads around them. So it's to be interesting to see what happens when a large publicly traded company. Wades into the space for now. I think it's pretty awesome. That square is building. This and i think it's extra awesome that they're doing it as not just some sideshow but as a mean business division. I'm certainly going to be keeping a strong eye out on this one. And i anticipate that we'll have a lot more to discuss about it in the weeks to come for now guys. I appreciate your listening. And i hope your week is getting off to an awesome. Start until tomorrow be safe and take care of each other piece..

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