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Still can't figure out. bizarre. I mean the the Gremlins are always on his cottage. Yeah and you have I mean you can give the raiders, the benefit of the show and. We. Know Mavericks talented his anything. You know this is a properly quick greater but. In the in the end, there's there's no I mean we've seen it with mark, for example Deaths. No I mean. Yes. In in zone you maybe can have. To. Racist with the perfect conditions for you and for your Reich Year by. The ninety percent of the races. Will have to adapt to difficult conditions. Sometimes. The bike time just track from time. She's the the weathe-, but you'll have to adapt, and we when we say that Dole's writers who are consistent solid it means that they have a better patient to the centers. And he's not he apparently, he's not the best on on that. Yes has it does seem very sensitive to any kind of change. As a strange one and I I don't know how you would fix that I. Mean. Do you tweak your training g trade more on flat tracks like we see with Rossi and all the via voice guys in mock as well at smocks. Keith Z's bike training, but we know maverick does some of that himself anyway. So how'd you I mean we've seen with whips in many riders coming from the back. In especially this year. So we've seen me at okay. He's not been stacked in the fourteenth place like Maverick was on. Sunday in for lap. But yeah, I mean we've seen many riders coming. From, the back on being able to finish in a desperate position. So it's not nothing really really crazy what we are. Trying, to to figure out. Yeah. Hopefully. Hopefully things work out for brick because. As. It's just frustrating seeing them make these steps forward and any steps by and it's just. You know it's frustrating. Talk about quickly, we'll talk about Rossi not talk about Rossi because it was of Quebec weekend. Finally, we got the confirmation of twenty twenty one. I mean we've sat everson rose to say about that I don't think we need to anymore..

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