Unemployment Rate, John Mccain, Algeria discussed on CT on the Hill


That's german chancellor ongoing were murgles message at the start of the g twenty summit via can knowledge equals indonesians can only be found if we are ready to strike a compromise if we accommodate each other's views our knowledge via fly on the wall when president trump soon the russian leader fox's simon owen live in hamburg germany a date after months of build of president trump and president vladimir putin sitting down for talks for the first time since the president took office no word on what now discuss including whether the president plans to raise us couldn't cern's about russian meddling in the 2016 election we've seen a glimpse of the two leaders meeting briefly and informally earlier today shaking hands and smiling president trump pats president putin on the back in the meantime mr trump holding talks with the president of mexico dave nelson near the summit's dozens of capitalism protesting some have been violence setting fires throwing bottles at police more than a hundred officers have been injured as a precaution now police are leading first lady melania trump lever residents there to the head of the putin trump meeting russia has released an opposition leader alexi navali jailed for organizing a mass protest in moscow an update on the economy is just algeria big surgeon hiring fox's jessica zola has the numbers live dave more new jobs were created then expected in june two hundred twenty two thousand the unemployment rate rose to four point four percent though that reflects more people working and looking for work the number of people in the workforce the labor participation rate eight increase lightly to sixty two point eight percent workers we're not seeing significant raises thou average hourly pay rose by two and a half percent compared with a year ago that's below the three and a half percent pace considered typical for a healthy economy day on wall street stock futures arising for the opening bell fox news farron balance hi i'm john mccain chairman of 1800flowerscom and cofounder.

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