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The most important And the country that were born in Is the best. Great to have you with us, 800 to 822882. If you want to be on the program here is a couple of sound bites to illustrate a couple of points that I have been making all day. On the program specifically in the last hour. First up is the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania is name is John Fetterman. He was on the CNN with Poppy Harlow. Some show called CNN newsroom on Friday. She had a question for him. She said, Mr Lieutenant Governor. It sounds like you sounds like you don't think Twitter made the right decision by taking the president off the platform. Is that right, saying that Pennsylvania was rigged or that we were trying to steal the election? Unquote. That's a lie and that you do not have the right that is not protected speech. The second, those tweets went up. They should have been deleted. That's not the platform in someone. It's deleting lies that are yelling fire in a crowded theater when there is none, and there's a difference that is not protected speech. No. One Republican Democrat whatever has the right To say those kind of incendiary lies who gets to crawl in lies? Who is this magnificent personage sitting somewhere who gets to proclaim that whatever, Trump said about Pennsylvania is lies. But more importantly, Lieutenant governor Federal what the hell did you people do for four years? If not lie. About Trump colluding with Russians to steal the 2016 election. When everybody knows it was Hillary Clinton that did exactly that. You guys still haven't conceded the 2016 electro? Yeah, Hillary may have but you haven't You're justifying everything. You're doing that Donald Trump on the basis of a lie that you can't stop telling. And nobody is deep platform in you. And nobody is taking your tweets down. And nobody's even suggesting that your tweets Lieutenant Governor Federman, come down. The Democrat Party has spent the last four years lying about the 2016 election. How in the world is what you people are continuing to do any different than what President Trump is saying about Pennsylvania Today? You guys started all of this. You guys on the Democrat side with the media are the people who got it all rolling that the American electoral system has been torched. That it has lost its honor and integrity. You're the ones for four years with never ending reports in the New York Times your Bible and it's CNN, The Washington Post. Your old testament that all of this that happened was undoubtedly true. You have put everything on your side up to the Test of legitimacy and you have claimed the Trump colluded with Putin. You said that he was a traitor. You said that he was an agent of Vladimir Putin, You said, and you never had a scintilla of evidence. Mr Lieutenant Governor, The Mueller report came up with a flat out Nothing. There was no need for the Mueller report. There was never any evidence that Trump had done anything. For Donald Trump for a couple of weeks or a month talks about how Pennsylvania may have been compromised. And you think somebody has sitting up on high determining that's a lie. And for that, Donald Trump needs to have those tweets taken down. But nobody is suggesting it. Any of your lives be taken down. Nobody's even suggesting that what you guys said for four years, his lies except people like me. But you don't have any evidence. And nobody made a move to shut you down. Nobody made a move to the platform. You nobody made a move to Take your so called offending tweets down that one of you said, hear you saying Pennsylvania was rigged or that we were trying to steal the election? That's a lie. What you say about Donald Trump for four years and counting. Lieutenant Governor Fetterman. You don't have that right? It's not protected Speech. What protected you for four years? And counting. Oh, The New York Times reporter. I'm sorry, The New York Times reporting it legitimizes it. No. The New York Times reporting it. Does nothing but slam the reputation of The New York Times. The second, Those tweets went up from the president. They should have been deleted. I could say the same thing about the never ending lies from John Clapper from from Clapper from John Brennan. From Comey. From Hillary Climbing the list is never ending. The number of people who consistently lied struck strokes. Merck Lisa Paige. That whole FBI combine all And yet Nobody made a move to take your tweets down or two. Suggest The New York Times not be able to report what they've reporting because I didn't have any evidence. They lied about the fact that they had evidence. This is exactly what if you descent You're a domestic terrorist folks, If you if you descend from whatever it is the Democrat Party today believes They are claiming they have a right to shut you down to delete your tweets. Now the lieutenant governor here, Pennsylvania, Mr Federman, he stopped short. Suggesting that Trump B d platform that he didn't agree with the Rasputin, Jack. And his decision to take Trump offered Twitter. But we have somebody who does he ask you can always kind of Democrats to give you what you want..

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