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Is news radio ten eighty KRLD the station North Texas counts on for news traffic and weather your news now four degrees at nine thirty I'm Gerry Hotchkiss you know the kind of corona virus has forced many parents and care care givers to also take on the role of teacher after Sam Sorbo is a home schooling advocate all three of her children are educated at home she says one of the most effective ways to teaching your kids at home is making sure they don't sit too long to get them interested a little bit and then let them go off and play and then bring them back and say okay now we're going to do math for a little bit and try this and do a little bit of that and if you finished and then you incentivize them if you finished all three worksheets marshmallows if you finish all three worksheets will have an ice cream sundae party she's teamed up with a group in Texas that just launched offering resource for parents called corona virus home schooling dot com Kelly Wiese news radio ten eighty KRLD the traffic and weather center I guess some significant construction for you to be aware of northbound I. thirty five E. between continental and high line they're working on the lanes there that'll be picked up at about five AM also westbound on six thirty five had both oil and the intersection of highway one twenty one construction in progress there to be picked up at about six o'clock again from the care of the weather center look for increasing clouds tonight a low of about fifty five tomorrow mostly cloudy high of sixty nine and ninety percent chance of seeing some rain look for a low of sixty two right now it is sixty four degrees a KRLD I'm Gerry Hotchkiss the Dave Ramsey show continues now on news radio ten eighty KRLD at sprint our priorities keeping our customers employees and communities safe during these uncertain times get the great service you expect without leaving the safety of your home shop at sprint dot.

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