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On flute merrily, Peter Segal and Peter Barnes on various stringed and gutted instruments. They've given us a few minutes with the word baton B T. O N G. Let's turn first to Ben. Um, Baton is a sort of Parco carrying tricycle that's used in Indonesia. An Indonesian cargo tricycle. Elegant in its simplicity. That might be it or what does Deb have? Well, my husband is Australian. And there's so many amazing words that come from aboriginal words like cook a burro. Like Baron Monday. A delicious fish and widget grab and also a delicious dish and baton is actually a small Australian marsupial. Also called a rat kangaroo, which is a delicious A small Australian marsupial. Yes or Barry a tongue is a possible mistake with grave consequences. You may recall the thing from guys and dolls where they talk about how when, at the track and smoking crack. It's best to purge the urge to bet on the wrong horse. No can do tongue at that time. So either it's a possible mistake with grave consequences or it's a small Australian marsupial, or it's an Indonesian cargo carrying tricycle. Well, Caroline Baton really does mean one of those three things and the choice is yours. I thought it might be an implement that blackjack dealers used today to handle car That's no There's a similar sounding word in South Africa. Bill Tung is that dried beef air dried beef, but that's what I have to tell you. I may be a big sucker for this one. But this word sounded so Bahasa Indonesia to me As soon as I saw the tongue my daughter used to teach in Indonesia and we saw the first thing that came to mind was Indonesia. So I maybe I maybe, Well face really, You know, it's what a conductor uses in Indonesia. That's on Ly if it's in the key of G Excellent up. What do you think that I'm familiar with a lot of animals and I just don't think it's a small marsupial. And I think a rat kangaroos called a rat kangaroo is what I think. I think the cargo trike is the I go with Murray on that that it just has that ring to it. And the mistake. I don't know about that. No, I think I agree with you. I know there's a smaller Australian marsupial called a bandicoot that is pregnant for all of 14 days for it. Pops the baby like a Pez, which which begins to nerd, allowing its mother, We'll go. With them. Then they say that is an Indonesian cargo carrying tricycle. What does your card say? My card says, please bluff.

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