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I think he's also above hopkins the rule close like if you take one not the other. You're not gonna like wake up in the morning crying but i think the odds adams has a higher upside simply because i think aaron rodgers is a better quarterback then <hes> the again here we go forgetting names of people to shawn watson <hes> in houston so for me i would definitely go with with the the new stud the new stub out there in greenback <hes> so joe judy smith schuster is the truth. I was so devastated. I did not get him in my dynasty legally. Can we drafted this summer. I was aiming to get him in the second round and he went late. I so i was very very sad about that. I cried some tears but you do smith schuster. Shuster is right there as well. I think that he definitely belongs in that conversation. We have to see how not having a b. There affects him. We don't really know <hes>. It's possible well. He could get a lot of double coverage might have to eat my words on this but at the same time as far as from a talent perspective and that offense you should have <hes> some power coming from the running game with james connors and jalen samuel so you know <hes> ben rothlisberger still seems to habit again. He'll probably play till seventies as well so those are the four guys that i put there for sure and then julio jones i would not take i think julio jones i unless he like falls me in the third round. I'm going to pass on julio jones because i just i don't see him making it through the season healthy number one. That's not a knock on his talent. He's proven it for years and years and years. He's a possible hall of famer but you have a a couple of other options there as well <hes> specifically in wriggle in ridley guys who are up and comers and construct the field as well and matt ryan has been very very very up and down in that offensive line looks like a problem so i'm very interested to see if he is i if he makes it through the year i would definitely go with a character actor issues aside tyreek hill. Gotta be your number five in fact. He may even be your number four tyreek. Hill is a monster and in that offense. There's he's going to have a monster year. Do not be surprised if he hits two thousand yards. I mean that game against the rams. Last year with the chiefs and rams was just insane. I mean again character issues aside but i don't drive my character. <hes> mice fancy team based on guys character. I base it on the one hundred fifty bucks or whatever was put in there and then you know if you look at it like you even if you miss out on all of those guys like let's say you have like the tenth pick. Those guys are all gone. You saw back them. You still have antonio brown. You still have julio jones this shelf keenan allen mike evans phelan cooper at omon cooks digs woods hilton golladay lock it cup all-stars so and you know of of varying degrees so it's wide receivers where you wanna go early and make sure that you get those guys and then there's some good sleepers to keep an eye on preston williams for miami u._d._f. Out of colorado state he has been really turning some heads and <hes>. I think when josh rosen takes that job over at some point in time during the year <hes> they already have a pretty decent chemistry from training camp so keep an eye on presa williams as a late sleeper. Maybe i took him in my draft as the very very last pick and i would okay last but not least kirk from the redskins as another guy that i think is going to have a pretty good year who is not real big on name recognition..

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