President Trump, Bill Clinton, House Judiciary Committee discussed on Michael Medved


Back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight House Republicans consider Bill Clinton and illegitimate president who they believe the American public would support removing from office of independent counsel. Kenneth Starr reported that Clinton lied under oath. Well, it didn't work, but the plan backfired and the nine hundred ninety eight midterm elections. Republicans actually lost seats in congress as we Democrats use the theme progress nonpartisanship and the whole Umbro toppled house speaker Newt Gingrich your member that look he's entirely correct. He's entirely correct. Does the headline Trump acquitted after a Senate trial help anybody other than Donald Trump? Albeit after a painful and distracting roller coaster process. Look, you can see this. We've seen this movie before it's a terrible movie. I give it zero stars. Let's try something else. Mark Penn says this, and this is solid advice to Democrats. He says so come January Democrats in the house will have a choice. They can accept the mullahs report and move on or they can hold endless hearings all over again run. By Representative Jerrold, Nadler, democrat, New York, who's expected to chair the House Judiciary committee, and then vote to impeach the president or censure him for the actions described in the Muller report, the smartest move Democrats. Could make would likely be to approve some kind of censure motion against President Trump after a few hearings. And then say the American people will decide in the two thousand twenty election who should be president for another.

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