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Wish Officer Capri Herrera, A very, very happy birthday today here from the Pat Walsh show. And Pat, I. I wanted to share a link with everybody here. And this is the U. R l to its fund a hero. And the website is p o r a c dot org That's P o r a c dot org That's the Peace Officers Research Association of California. And I would like to share this year that's on her page officer, Capri Herrera was injured in a vehicle collision while en route to assist at the Cal Door. Fire officer Herrera suffered major facial injuries requiring multiple surgeries. This fund will ensure her and her family that they will have no unforeseen medical expenses on her recovery journey. Officer Herrera is a light to our association, and we want to make sure her soul focuses on healing and not on any financial burdens she may face. On behalf of every member of the Gulf Police Officers Association. Thank you for helping Officer Herrera along the long road. She has been tragically put on Very nice. So I did just share that link on your Facebook page Pat, and I'll continue to spread it around. But if anybody is listening, and you guys are able to donate at this time, we would really, really appreciate it. And I think, especially on a day like today her birthday, it would be just such a blessing for all of us here. From our Pat Walsh show family if we could chip in and show Officer Herrera, how much we care and appreciate her service and are so thankful. For her absolutely P o r A C Poor act P o r a c dot org Yes, We have a lot of great listeners like you said Kendall and and and giving and thoughtful. We have a lot of law enforcement listens to the show. Um, you know, I know everyone knows. Um, Officer Herrera's story, but you know, this was the Gulf Police officer and I am friends with the now former GALT police chief. My friend Todd has been on this show. Uh, survived this head on crash that killed a partner killed another driver. She was released from the hospital a few days back. Her and her partner, Harmony gray wall were involved in a crash with another car. It was just Terrible gravel who died following the injuries she sustained in that crash. Back on Sunday. The 26th Just awful. Dodge Ram goes to the concrete center median on Highway nine and struck her constructed car on the other side. So, yeah, this is a good thing for us to be able to do. And if you're so inclined, anything would help and We can help this family out a little bit. P o R A c dot org Yes. Fund a hero. Yeah, and they were responding to the caldera fire right? Correct. They were on route to help out there to assist in the Calle Door fire and They also let's see here we've got a recent Facebook Post said that the department would like to thank everyone who showed their unwavering support, offered prayers and positive thoughts throughout Officer Herrera's hospital stay. They cannot express their gratitude enough and like you, said Pat. She was just recently released from the hospital on September 3rd. She's continuing her recovery at home, so Very, very happy birthday to you, Officer Herrera Happy birthday. I'm so very sorry to hear what happened to you. We need to We need to support our law enforcement. These are people that are out there looking out for us. These are people that put their lives on the line all the time. We don't even think about it. They're out there doing their job. And you know, here's two people going out to help and this tragedy occurs. And it's just, uh I'm just very sad to hear that. Everything that happened, But thank God she survived, and she's here for her birthday. So we wish you a happy birthday. We hope that you get better. We hope that you recover very, very soon. And you know again if you're listening, and you think you can help in any way then that is, as Kendall said very much appreciated. Yeah, okay. Very good. Um, you know, we have a couple of well let me let me let me do this right now. Let us I was really enjoying that song from the Amun brothers. Get back into that. And let me just read something here to you..

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