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Today. You're still tied up. Did he have any weapons on him? How many did he have? Automatically the science. Was he inside when you guys arrived? That. He's been here at this time. Do you think he's been there the whole time because it's MC? And we we're very across from the command center was done. Just across from the command center. Christopher Dorner had been on the run for nine days before the Reynolds discovered. Their unscheduled guests squatting in unit. Two three across the street at another resort. An impromptu command center had been set up spearheading the search for Dorner all within view from the window of the rental in which he now stood presumably he had been in that condo for days. Watching the police looking for him. He was wanted in connection with three murders. One of which was a police officer the Reynolds recognized him immediately. Because by this point, Christopher Dorner. Was a household name and his face was everywhere. He was an ex LAPD officer and ex navy reservist that had declared all out war on his former brothers and blue. He was trained in the tactics of those. Those who now sought him and an expert in the use of handguns and rifles considered a marksman by the navy. He wanted to take out all of those that in his mind have wronged him make them suffer. Like he did. By this time. He had become some sort of a folk hero. People tweeted their support calling him chocolate Rambo relating him to the movie character. John Rambo a Vietnam vet who when met with intolerance in a small mountain town unleashed all his fury on the local sheriff department Facebook tribute pages sprung up rallying behind his mission against the LAPD emission, he outlined in a lengthy Facebook post that had since become known as his manifesto. I know most of you who personally know me are in disbelief to hear from media reports that I am suspected of committing such horrendous murders and have taken drastic and shocking actions in the last couple. Of days, you're saying to yourself that this is completely out of character of the man you knew who always wore a smile wherever he was seeing. I know I will be vilified by the LAPD and media, unfortunately, this is a necessary evil that I do not enjoy but must partake and complete for substantial change to occur within the LAPD. And reclaim my name his rambling confession explained his motive for murder. He wanted to clear his name of the stain from being fired by the LAPD a transcript of the hearing quoted board member sergeant sherline Anderson is saying that Dorner lacks integrity necessary to be a cop, the chairman of the board, captain Phillips tin grease said Dorner credibility is damaged beyond repair. The last part owner agreed with he was damaged beyond repair. I have. Exhausted. All available means at obtaining my name back. I have attempted all legal court efforts within appeals at the superior courts and California appellate courts. This is my last resort. The LAPD has suppressed the truth, and it has now led to deadly consequences. The LA PD's actions have cost me my law enforcement career. They cost me my naval career. I lost my position as a commanding officer of naval security forces reserve unit at NASA Fallon because of the LAPD. I've lost a relationship with my mother and sister because of the LAPD I've lost a relationship with close friends because of the LAPD in essence, I've lost everything because the LAPD took my name and knew I was innocent captain field. Tim breeze. Just an is. Izenberg martell. Randy Kwan, and sergeant Anderson all knew I was innocent. But decided to terminate me, so they could continue officer Teresa Evans career. I knew about the meeting between all of you. Where Evans attorney Rigo confessed that she kicked Christopher Getler. Excessive force your day has come the blue line will forever be severed and a cultural change will be implemented. You have a weapon a sleeping giant. I have nothing

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