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On Congress to pass national legislation to protect voter rights. Republican leaders criticizing President Biden's decision to wind down U. S operations in Afghanistan an agreement with Afghan leaders made by the Trump administration even though the Pentagon says it's leaving a well trained and equipped Afghan army to fight the Taliban. Republican Mitch McConnell insists Afghanistan Is unraveling the Senate Republican leaders, saying President Biden's making a deadly mistake pulling all U. S troops out. He's rejected warnings that the government in Kabul Will fall to the battleground the Pentagon saying the U. S. Is not there to fight an Afghan civil war. Andy Field, ABC NEWS Washington In California, a state judge delivering a blow to governor Gavin Newsom ahead of the recall, Newsom missed a deadline to have a D for Democrat listed next to his name on the California recall ballot. He sued his own secretary of state, saying his election attorney made a filing mistake last year and he wants to be listed as a Democrat. Will. His opponents are listed as Republicans in this overwhelmingly Blue State, Now a judge in Sacramento ruling the quote circumstances do not justify excuse from the deadline. End quote. Newsom will have no party affiliation on the ballot. ABC is Alex Stone in Los Angeles. You're listening to ABC News from California's Capital City. This is Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Good afternoon. 12 02 on daily hits with your top local stories. Governor Gavin Newsom recall election KFBK Continuing coverage. Well, as you just heard on ABC News governor, Newsom is headed to the recall ballot without his Democratic Party label. Sacramento Superior Court Judge shot down Newsom's effort to add the D next to his name after staffers forgot to add it to election paperwork. Doctor Isaac Hale, a political political scholar at U. C. Santa Barbara, says most voters know the governor's Democrats always framing it in terms of Democrat versus Republican. And why is he doing that? Well because Republicans are colossally unpopular in California, and he's trying to remind voters that this is a partisan battle challenger Caitlin Jenning generator, who joined at Newsom's lawsuit last week sent this tweet after the ruling was announced. Joining this lawsuit was the first step of finally breaking down politics as usual in Sacramento. Recall election set for September 14th Small plane crashed into a house this morning near the Monterey Airport. The impact sparked a fire that said to be burning two homes. Crash.

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