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Ninja Warrior Fan. You want your iron intake this for whoever might be listening to the cold open you all your iron intake of the week. Just just eat a live chicken. I can very live and yeah but I do. I dictate the cold open and with with no conflict just like dictate the cold open chicken's. Neck mm-hmm Jospin coupon Hello welcome into the week. Five keep sounding podcast for the panthers versus. The Jaguars Kyle Allen Versus Gardner Menchu the battle of the gods upcoming this is Brian joined by John Brad John. How are you doing this evening lovely lovely thank you asking. I always ask Brad. How're you doing all these things in great Brian so the Panthers won their second football game of the season this past week beating the Houston Texans where Shawn Watson through approximately one hundred fifty passes against the panthers defense that is rushing the passer very well and despite Kyle Allen fumbling three football's the panthers came out and won something the Cam Newton has never done by the way Cam Newton has never won a game where he's the ball three times so Kim never fumbled the ball three times in a game. He's fumbled at least twice and has one. Thank you so but to get into a serious note so the panthers played a football game. Texans where the offense basically aside from a touchdown from Christian McCaffrey only really kicked field goals the the defense showed up in a major way sacked Shawn Watson six times. Basically this is a game where this is Ron Rivera fever dream. The defense carried read the offense. Dolphins doesn't really get much credit for the touchdown either because they got the ball unlike a twenty yard line after the sack fumble Yup Yep of Watson this was this was exactly the kind of game that Ron Rivera was looking for as a head coach for the his entire career and he finally got it a game where the defense won the football game so the only game better for Ron Rivera was the bears beating the panthers and he probably couldn't contain his excitement while his team lost seventeen to three to a quarterback that threw seven passes. Hey let's not talk about that football game John. Can we just it's too late and talked about. We just not like that that broke my my ability to pick the panthers ever so but yeah the panthers won this football game with a solid defensive outing. I'll start with Brad Brad. Yes what what did you like. The most about this Texans Panther's game. I'm assuming is GonNa be about the defense because aside from Christian McCaffrey has really nothing to talk about on offense What did you like the most about this showing the panthers to win this football game. We'll give them a man. Joey sly some credit joey sly feel like we finally have a kicker he he's only missed one field goal and it was the first one words yeah and he sinned nail nailing them easily from fifty yards like right down the Middle Johnson. Did we talk about how much of a Dick move it is as for the coaching staff to make their kickers first attempt like fifty five yards. No we do not kind of Dick move. I mean it was his first. I tests and he he didn't pass that one but he passed everyone after that. I'm surprised they didn't apply to get Graham going off of injured reserve after Joey slide. I kick like made game my answer to your question though is just the entire the defense. How about this. Ron Rivera deserves some credit for being a good defensive coordinator this year I agree. He's a great defensive coordinator for somebody who is supposed to be the head coach. Yep absolutely so that's my my winter from from Sunday's game is Ron Rivera the defensive coordinator my winner is Mario Addison because he has five and a half sacks through four games which is he's on pace to destroy his career earlier his career best as far as defensive line sacks goes and a five and a half sacks or games. PUT THEM ON PACE for the record. Yeah it's hard and it's funny because like the guy who's been talked about the most about this defensive linesman Brian Burns and he's obviously consistently Louis been a presence. I mean he's at least blocked two punts and he's been getting after quarterback every game. Mario Addison is kind of being overshadowed because Ryan Burns the first round pick this year but Mario Addison is like you know top league right now as far as pass rushing efficiency the panthers went into this off season with the goal to make their pass rush better and by fucking God they did it and I'm pretty shocked because it didn't take a lot it just took Brian Burns them change in their scheme up a little bit John. Your thoughts on that. I mean yeah. It's it's exciting. I don't understand I feel like it shouldn't be this much better than last year based on what's changed. You'd I mean I know what you mean. I The this is supposed to be this drastic difference. 'cause like one of the things that I've noticed too is like they do run the three four a bit but they still have their like nickel well defense versus forty four down linemen rushing after the passer which is not a different what they did last year but it is so much more effective and I'm sure some some of that is just like Brian Burns being there in jail McCoy's making a bigger difference than people are giving them credit for just because he hasn't putting up big numbers also carry power is not playing like fitness here. It also helps helps. More players play less bad but yeah I I don't know it's. It's doesn't make sense to me but I'm not complaining. It's been very fun to watch. Also the secondary gets should get some props for two because they've gotten several coverage sex. They have James Bradbury. atteberry is still one of the top grade corners in the league right now. Dante Jackson sat out and in response Ross Cockrell rule a relative unknown aside from maybe last week had a pick in had a should have had a second pick with a nice undercut route towards the end zone. Defensive backs are actually not just a bunch of scrubs for once which is cool. I enjoy that I think but Ross Cockrell occur deserved exactly one interception on Sunday. 'cause the first interception was just like feeling it was I meaning. He did stick to his guy and he didn't fall for the for the play fake so I'll give him that yeah that the second one was just him undercutting route. That was a really really good throw in a really good route overall. He just read the ball right to where the receiver is going to be. It was just a good play by his own. Corner is bad for do that. Forgot that needed to learn how to walk again a few months ago yeah not bad at all and the best part is that League league. Maybe not this week but next week probably they'll get Dante Jackson. Dak and they'll have pretty good corners which is always good to have three instead of zero. Three is better than two or one or zero. It's not as good as four though now it is true I mean. JV and Eliot didn't play horribly ably so maybe we do have four half a sack who he deserves to pass rush credit speaking of pass rush credit. Yo Eric read. I feel like this is the best game of his panthers career this past week. I what about the eagles game last year. It's like an interception in that game too. He had interception taken away from him by the officiating so officially. No that's right yeah. Oh that's right 'cause 'cause of the whole new thing yeah for this week. He came he came on as the game was ending. It was the second to last drive by the Texans he he came on disguised blitz-like just right as the ball was snapped. He came up in blitzed causing pressure. That's vern Butler forced his sack fumble which props Vernon Butler and then Eric Reed recovered the fumble and then on the following drive on the hail. Mary Eric Reed Snack the ball out of the air like he was somebody in the NBA swatted. Go a three point shot. You know on him Mary. I feel owning nineteen to battle down is kind of misguided at this point. I think you're better off trying to intercept on the last play the game yes because teams the design their hail Marys to have players ready to catch deflections. I mean read snack is straight down. It wasn't like tipping the air. He he likes spiked like volleyball yeah but do you think have been the less likely for are more likely to catch it if he just caught it. What happens the almost catches it in tips and up in the air many catches it. That'd be very impressive for two tip up in the air. That's dropping from the sky like that. You'll see players. muffed punt up into there is basically what he was doing yeah but you could have like a guy you know come in there and like or the hands of where he's trying to catch the ball and knocking up where it's a little hard to do that when the guys just like. I'm smacking it on the ground nes- just it's it's. It's you have to be careful. I think because if you have to reach back too far like Eric regarding a position bringing spike but there are signs or guys like smack it four or like and their players waiting for it disagree with your point bear in a generic mindset where Eric read was that I think he'd be agreed in isolation in backyard. His play was fine. I'm just saying in general the idea of just knock it down. Don't catch it. I think that's not the best idea but I also just questioned everything. Football coaches tell their players so could be me. Yeah you question a lot of things so before we move onto the upcoming game. I'm what's just talk about the offense for a little bit so Christian McCaffrey testable thirty seven times. That's a two way wining but the panthers did still manage the win despite Kyle and getting sacked fumbled three times he could have had a fourth but instead he managed to somehow dodge. Jj Watt and hit Jerry is right down the field when the panthers really needed him to move the ball down the field so they could take some time off the clock. Antezana field goal. They walk away with the win and nothing wrong. Kyle is the greatest quarterback in panthers history. I feel like too. Many people are glossing passing over the fumbles. They are but he won. People are making comments like that. Kyle Allen one is three and as a starter for the panthers. That's all that matters. I think that's Nah Nah. You know what's funny about that argument to is that as the the exact argument way back in two thousand eleven that every single panthers fan hated because people will say eighty got a better record than Cam Newton so he should be rookie of the year yeah. I have a better comparison Kim fucking Tibo. Yes like that that there too many other variables especially in football. I don't know what other sport quarterback Wednesday relevant well they're. They're very relevant in cricket just record. Your mic broke up. I didn't hear you say the were quarterback. I just heard you say wins or real. Sorry for the snarky then it was undeserved. Yeah I mean like it bothers me that we're still doing this like you know nine years in the Cam. Newton's career were court where analysts are like. Well wins only thing that matters why it's sure but tile works yet. I'm not matter you know they do but like John. Just said it. It's not there's more to it. It's not just the quarterback.

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