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What's wrong with wrestling. I'm Andrew pisano along with my brother Joe pizano. Man, we're just watching the road to WrestleMania and it is hot, hot, hot. In here. Oh. The show. Yeah, sorry about that. Yeah, it's just a little warm little. Yeah, I can't get my house cold right now. You know, we're watching the same matches. I think it's funny because you see them trying to force random storylines that nobody has any interest in or you know what I mean? Yeah. You're like, oh, okay. Okay, edge and edge and A.J. Styles who wanted it. But we're just gonna shove edges of heel now down your throat. That's it. Just for no reason. For no reason. Why not say, hey, in 20 years ago, when you fucked me over for this, just make something up. It gives them a reason to be healed. Hey, maybe when you hit bed Phoenix and that indie show when Arkansas, I don't care, just anything. I think it's just a WrestleMania makes edge crazy. Crazy. Yeah, 'cause he turns heel every WrestleMania. I guess. He kinda did last year, even though he was the Royal Rumble winner. Just because he wasn't gonna win, I guess, right? That's why they made him heal. To make it interesting, I don't know. She didn't hate that he lost. Because Brian was in the match too. I guess. I mean, I thought it was still the best part of the shows. I like heel edge. By far, I just don't like that they just did it. And heal. You know what I mean? Like the last year. He just a heel one day. Yeah. No reason to snap, but he snaps, whatever. He's crazy. They're trading titles now, like just whatever, here. Here's an open challenge in here. Like open challenges need to be fun, surprising, and in the moment. If film would have came out last week and won the title, that makes sense. Why does he do open challenge this week? You think more people watch because they knew Finn Balor is going to fight for the U.S. title. But when you do it in the moment and he wins the title, then it's like, oh shit, I missed that because I don't watch anymore. All right, maybe I'll tune in next week. That's how you get people to watch. You don't get to watch based on what you've written because that's shit. You can still watch it based on, oh, I might miss something. That's why you watch wrestling. Of course. That's why you call me and go, hey, have you turned on wrestling yet? Okay, I'm just going to watch with you while you watch the first ten minutes. And that was the Shane O Mac return. That's magic. That's why we watch. That's why you want to tune in. Now, fast forward and go, oh, I just missed who cares. So rematches and forced storylines, garbage. What else is new? Garbage. And A.J. Styles. We have one reason to watch WrestleMania. That's it. That's really the only thing. In just to see what at least deal with Brock and reigns. We have that. Just give me the finish. You know what I mean? That's all I want to say. I'll give you the finish. Give me the last ten seconds. I can tell you right now. Well, spear. And if we're lucky, if you're smart. What The Rock don't set that up. Probably. I mean, that's what they did with rock Cena. They did it a year in advance. I know, but The Rock is a good guy. He's the ultimate good guy. He's a Hollywood good guy. Yeah. He's just like, oh, you're a cocky asshole now in our family. Right. They better at least be like, you cursed up my mom. You know what I mean? Like, give me something. My uncle, Sega. Well, yeah. You know what I mean? The Rock's gonna be like, what happened to you and Roman's like, I don't know, you were doing this when you were here. This is what you did. I'm gonna be you. I'm not as good. You can't beat me. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Rains has gotten a lot better though. I actually somewhat enjoy him. What? I was like 80 20 Brock winning this title until what you just said. Because if they're gonna do it, rains can't lose. Now it's what I've been saying for so long, unify these belts and now they're saying that they're unifying the belts. It's a unification match. And what's the easiest way to get Roman Reigns on both shows? I know. Or to get Brock on both shows. You see him. He's on the road about that. He's going home. He's the raw champion. He wasn't even on raw this week. That's true. He's on the other fucking show. I'll be on the other show. That's true. I'm cutting some meat up this week or something like that. There's just some clip, like slice and ribs. Yeah. And like this cooking, he does that. It might have been old. I don't know, but it looked like him with the ponytail in the shave. Right. Yeah, you're right. What am I talking about? There's a lot to cover this week. Plus Romans never won. Never beaten them at WrestleMania. Not a mania. Oh God, they're gonna end on a heel Roman win. Again, well, just like last year, how did last year end? Yeah. It ended with Roman heel Roman. Oh, how many WrestleManias end with Roman winning? All of them. Roman winning were disappointed because Roman does a win because now Brock keeps the title in his part time champion, but we love this Brock. This is the Brock we want to win. And he'll lose. Sure. Yeah. Of course. Yeah. So again, a lot to cover, SmackDown, raw, a lot of WrestleMania implications. So much. And attempted murders, but that's coming up later. First. We have to thank some new patrons. So a big shout out to hazel barn star. I have hazel eyes, so I'm right there with you. Nice. And Alex Miller, if that's the Alex Miller that worked with me at AT&T, thanks. I'm sure it is, yeah. Very rare name. Right, oh yeah. Alex Miller, of course. Seriously text me right now and if it's true. So yeah, go to Patreon dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling. We got all the brackets, AW recaps, paper you recaps, our latest bracket, which are fans are already raving about the hottest male wrestler of all time. Yeah. Yeah. They said basically Joe talks about cock for an hour. Well, I mean, a lot of cod. We all do. It's not all on you. No, well, you don't have to take all the cock. Thanks. We took plenty on that. So brothers are four. No, yeah. It's always fun. It's always fun. Patreon dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling $5 a month gets you everything. There's thousands of hours of bonus content on there. There's so much. So go check it out. Give it a try. God, you need to figure out how many. 800 people can't be wrong. Yeah. And growing. And there are millions of Justin Bieber fans. All right, we also have to thank a couple of fans who bought t-shirts. So thank you to Mark saltz for buying the logo. Thank you very much. And Eric bought pizza. Like, are Eric? It just said Eric. The first, it was Eric Eric, was their first and last name, so I assume that's just Eric trying his worst to be clever. But yeah. Eric is on hiatus this week. Yeah. He should be back next week, but yeah. And of course, subscribe and listen to our other podcast. Hollywood hogwash available on the same app you're listening to us right now. So go download it, check it out. Even if you don't like movies, just download the episodes. Batman this week. Batman will be the next review. Wow, can't wait. What do you see in it? I don't know yet. I'll probably sing it twice though. Yeah, just to almost three hours runtime. Yeah. Crazy. It's a long night. Oh yeah, for sure. Get your refills ready. That's right. Well, just a pee in them. Just to pee in those cups. I'm like, can I get a can I get two drinks? One's just for my soda, and the other is the pee in. 'cause I made that mistake once. I only had one drink, and then I peed in the same one, and then you can't, that's unfortunate. I mean, you can, but well. So SmackDown opens with Michael Cole. Introducing Ronda Rousey. That's the first thing you want to see is Michael Cole. Welcome to welcome to SmackDown. Here's the intro. Look at all these superstars. And it's me. Hi. I'm everyone's most hated person in all of wrestling. In all of wrestling. As much as they hate Vince McMahon, if he was out there, they'd be fucking him off. Yeah. We're not worthy. Oh, you know, like what they do. So you introduce his Ronda Rousey. Is it because Rhonda is not good on the mic yet that they have to do interview style? Yes. And you say yet, there's going to be a moment where she's good. She's.

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