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Now let's get back to the great gildersleeve with the blonde on one arm. A buffalo robe over the other brand new bucket hat perched on his head. Gildersleeve looks the complete american college boy. Twenty years out of college. We join him now is he. And leila ransom stole past the state university campus for the stadium where the big game is. Soon to begin. We have in fun rock. You bet you know walking around college. Active makes me feel like i'm eighteen again. Eighteen leila and. I'll tell you something else. I don't feel a day over twenty two. Let's skip day with all these by go. What a weekend come on. Let's get it their anti. Hello mrs robinson you remember marshall. Don't you indeed i do. it's nice. You could come up with a holiday marshall or are you. Mrs ransom. Gildersleeve my boy. I'm ki where did you get that bucket hat. But i got it. The some appeal. Men's tugri what's the matter with. It just looks kind of collegiate. That's not what the college men wearing this year. Mr gillis leave that's immaterial to me. I needed a hat in case of rain. I think he looks very cute in it. Although if you pulled it a little farther the phone like this it better the other way nuts and i do believe you frown. Just in the few months you've been away put hundred fifteen pounds then. playing football. speaking of football shouldn't be. Why don't we all go. Shanahan have a bite to eat large. And i are going over to the beta new house for lunch. That's my father's fraternity kids. Go on and have lunch. Maybe we'll see it. The game donny. Marshall got seats right on the fifty yard line fifty. Well we're not far from the air. See you later..

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