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He's brought all the dirt straight from Hollywood it's internal or am I talk one of seven one hello hi guys I have a real weird mixes stories today good I don't know like wearing but it's just weird stuff so first I'm gonna start with the headline that Kelly ripa and mark Consuelo as have revealed the secret to their healthy sex life great nice great I love this what is that they did radio shack I think that's probably it I think that's usually just it really yeah baby she says the longest that they went without sex was when Marcus Willis was in Australia for seven months but Kelly rip it did come to visit him in the middle of his trap and that that has been a big part of their relationship good question what if you ask yeah I think he just I mean I don't know what the question was because I didn't listen to the whole radio show I'm just reading it they were he was asking about their relationship and how their relationship has survived you know it's a long entertainment marriage right yeah I think I have a hard time with them I'm not saying I'm not approved by any stretch and I don't think you know I think that there are benefits to talking frankly about sex but often in this case and also the case of like Suzanne Somers at cetera sex life is a sex life for a couple is whatever works for the couple true and so when you buy a share those details of your sex life it's not it seems always to me that it's more about what other people will perceive about your relationship than it is about giving information that's useful and helpful for other people that makes sense yeah that might be fair I mean I think Suzanne Somers is always trying to you know take the taboo out of it especially as women age and helping women who are in their sixties and seventies still feel like they can be their best selves I just love that someone thinks there's taboo about facts what have you seen our resume check out Kelly ripa and mark and sailors got married in nineteen ninety six and they have three kids together she said I think we found each other at the right time in our lives we were really young not that that's the right time in somebody's life but we were pliable we learn to learn each other well and so with that comes a certain level of comfort and confidence in experimentation and fun we like to have fun she looks at him though like she just adores him falling in love with him all over yes and there is nothing that a man loves more than that right that's true I mean it really is I am convinced like every time I see her at the way she looks at him like sometimes I watch her Instagram videos and he'll be in her dressing room and then a hell pop in and she'll look at him just like oh my gosh I'm so in love with you and I'm thinking there is no way he would ever stray from that no because that is like the best thing I love Connick for heterosexual men yeah it really yes who looks at me looks at like a women who look at them like they're in love with them like they're the best and women who who would like to show that they need a guy to be around a lot of that stuff they also love it when you make them sandwiches I mean I would just like to have that is one thing I have in common with straight men if someone makes you sandwich how wonderful that is if I manage a sandwich is like the happiest person in the media center he's like why hi finally let me give you a bird's eye view into game ends we will now I can't make a sandwich for him because it wouldn't be the right way to make a sandwich that you know what that is exactly the difference between gay men and straight men right up there yeah because I would like if I would have done this then I would have done you know I would put a little extra Mayo or a little whatever I will say you know I like I am a little bit picky about my sandwiches so it is possible it's been a while since you might and my life partner sent seriously that if that's not I mean we've had that conversation a thousand times so good yeah thanks I have in common with J. there are certain things though that are much better when someone else makes a freestanding the thing I hate the salads I make yeah I put the same darn stuff in them you go to a restaurant and validate your thinking beats yeah goat cheese and walnut trees you just reminded me I have beets and goat cheese I got to put that on my way yeah you know I mean perfect because you can update your delivery right now I just got my delivery last night Colleen thank you for asking about it I want to tell you that Costco has these beats that's where I got the beat that are that are cut back you got to be there in a vacuum sealed packages like and then because I'm the only one in my family who eats the P. yeah so I just keep them in a bag and then I put one on my salad I know I like those beats all other so good everybody this is how you know he it turns into food eats grow in the dirt.

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