Peters, Senior Editor, World War discussed on The Economist: Babbage - Babbage: Battle of the maps


This comes podcasts sponsored by braintree phones are replacing peters as our primary devices and that's changing online shopping stay tune at the end of the episode for conversation physique to habibie about why braintree is helping retailer sell their products directly on facebook interest and other places where people spend time a mine hello you're listening to babich our weekly podcast that dives in the world of technology and science i'm kfqd k senior editor at the economist an coming up on this week's show the veteran technology investor build jane way we'll discuss how artificial intelligence and big data will transform the world much as electra city wants did just as joined the 20s building out the electricity grid meant that by world war two every company that had survived the depression was electrified manufacturing business also a supplement to blind people's walking cane could now offering new help to the visually impaired they can switch button that says i want you to be in chair finding mode now and at that point the device begins buzzing when it detects an empty chair and will explore a silent war in mapping that's happening across the digital world even though we're not exactly sure why tesla bought a bunch of software from matt box last year and it's probably the digital rails to run their self driving cars but i as artificial intelligence moves from research labs to every day operations of business what will be the impact on productivity and can we measure it.

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