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We now join our regularly scheduled program already in progress from there so how much data you paid off stage I paid off fifty four thousand dollars in debt and then in that amount of time three years and eight months also called cash flow to about twenty thousand dollars of other things that would have become debt had I not been on this great programs such as I had some car issues I am known for Dr invaders but I was the queen of debaters during this time I bought a Honda pilot well I had a Honda civic that I love up at three hundred twenty seven thousand miles on it before I got rid of it then I bought a Honda pilot I'm faithful to Honda I'm in it had about three hundred thousand miles when I got rid of it and then I bought a little trick and I have a Volkswagen Beetle that a family paid five thousand dollars for selected major upgrade yes I mean and mine a space ship or what I have an auxiliary port. three Tennessee. so fifty four thousand dollars in debt what kind of death well twenty five thousand of it was student loans I have all the degrees that Tennessee tech offers an associate from a run state community college and but after I started my job I work for East Tennessee state university as the associate professor and I just decided that I needed to I had started looking at that and then the perfect storm kind of happened in two thousand fifteen my mom had to file for bankruptcy my dad had filed when I was younger so I knew statistically that I was more likely to follow in their footsteps if I didn't get a plan my dad had started listening to your program and he's a big fan so I knew where to find the information so I just started following that also during that time I was dating a guy that had two teenage daughters and I was really thinking about what kind of example that I want to leave for them and it wasn't somebody with fourteen maxed out credit card. area very good and so what was your range of income during the three years nine months when I started the program I was making about fifty two thousand dollars and then last summer I taught summer school I taught a separate couple couple of summer school classes and I was up to seventy one thousand that time so you're currently a professor yes any teach what I teach in the college of education I teach literacy courses for our K. thirty five future teachers on our severe will campus of ETS you houses for I don't know that yeah we've only been open a couple of years but we're really growing down there excellent very cool good for you good for you so you kind of looked up and said the family tree needs to change as far as the money part goes and I need to be a better example and so you did it yes at the end it did kind of fifty four thousand dollars in cash flow twenty yes on top of that so seventy four thousand and three years and eight months about twenty five thousand dollars a year during that time which is about half your income through most of that show. regrettably you've lived on nothing well I can't say that I always made the perfect decisions but I really struggle with that because I'm a I'm single and and I just kept thinking a single woman can do this by and I know she can't yeah absolutely we don't have anybody to try to talk into action I get to get what I want to get yourself into every morning but you know there's nobody else you have to keep keep cracking the whip on or anything that's why the budget was so important during this process because I made a contract with myself every month when I wrote out that budget and you know once I hit baby step three sometimes I think do I have room for that and you still have to stay very committed to getting that money in there I can't go back to being Spender Stacey although that was sometimes button. well one day it is fun in the moment yeah but the long term pain that it brings is not worth the trade off that that's the problem so very very well done excellent excellent job very proud of you so good good job show up you tell people the key to getting out of that warms a budget because I kept your that your contract with yourself I like that phrase that's good phrase what thank you what else to tell people key to getting out of that is just remembering that you can do it and every day another day passes and you're one day closer to being out of debt I mean that's what I kept telling myself I'll that's how I approach when I was doing my doctorate and that's how I approach doing this I knew it was just gonna happen one day and I just had to remain faithful to the wonderful program that you have designed that helped me change my life way to go very very proud thanks Donald Miller for that. you know that phrase. okay my own hero that's good well your your your definitely a hero now who were your biggest cheerleaders I had a lot of people that were cheerleaders when you're so passionate about something you're gonna not gonna have a lot of detractors are that was my experience I can't say that everybody would have that but I had some really great co workers who also follow the plan and I got out before I did out of that before I did but they were really good cheerleaders and I knew if they could do it that I could also do it and we just encourage each other I would also talk to my students about the journey that I was on because we're all taught public school and I thought that my retirement plan could be my future husband that wasn't a good point so I think that they need their own plan a man a man that's wells. very cool well stays your fun fun and congratulations again were really really proud of you we got a point I forgot to say the reason I'm wearing a slasher today is in that perfect storm of two thousand fifteen I had this ticket this the slash play in Chicago and I didn't have enough money on all my maxed out credit cards to afford one more night I was in a conference up in Chicago I didn't have enough money on my my SAT credit cards to pay off one night to go see slash in Chicago so I kept this ticket and about six weeks ago I saw him at the Ryman look into it wow that's cool so that's why I'm in casual clothes that work perfect now I think that's a great story that's very important stuff very well done so back to back track a second so when you first got connected to us how did you get connected us well originally my dad light your books and your program so Allen bears to say it I I mean I'm not embarrassed to say I had this but even back in nineteen ninety six I had financial peace on the cassette tape and I listen to it and why did not apply that to my life in ninety six now but that's the original way I got connected but I always knew and would listen to and.

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