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Firefighters, police nurses etcetera, and they could do that with the teachers also going on Tuesday if their hybrid and not in person on Wednesday if they feel bad this after effects that would be appropriate. They could do that fast enough. But there's also a lot of teachers who I think just as the rift within the population at large, who were just not convinced. At this point. I talked about that last night. Now I got my vaccination last week. I hope you've had or you will have your soon But what do you do Know I'm 71. I'm on my second round of cancer. I can't find one. But I also never looked the health you are how old sir? 71. Okay, Fine. I did from your picture. You look a lot younger than that. And I'm I'm spy. Hope was going on your show. Well, I wish you the best of luck. Anyone who's dealing with with with cancer. I My heart goes out to you. And I mean that Frank. Frankly, you know, I'm probably at risk if if if I ever exposed, But I'm not. I spend my day at home. No, I just know, I know. But you above all amongst others. Anyone who's dealing at your age with one something like that. And you know you well. Over the age of 65. No, no. I mean, what I'm saying is, you're now you now are in play for the for the shot. Irrespective of what else you're dealing with. So the point that Basically trying to make my point. I don't mind if you just get it ahead of me, and that may be happening because there were bigger. Better respond me to say where to go into a building. Political question is first of all, it takes a couple of weeks for The shot's too really, Yes. Full protection is I understand it, And there are some teachers who have Physical conditions, asthma and others. People who are allergic s. So it's not as if every T shirt wants the vaccination, which is another complication, which is another reason why I think that maybe it's not a bad idea to say Hey, look, we'll reach herd immunity, maybe sometime this summer. And it's miss started new in September, But that's that's a story for another day. Look, representative Thank you for your service, Both as a teacher on now is a member of the Legislature. Thanks for coming on tonight, and we'll have you back in sometime sometime. I'm enjoying this so called me again. Sometime course you would push it. Enjoy it. I understand that that's and and representative Sam Sabah dosa. Will enjoy it as well. You're going to reach a lot of people into district. We have a lot of no part of your district is Attleboro, If not your entire district. We have a lot of listeners and Attleboro. Believe it or not, So thank you, sir. Appreciate it. We will do some time. Get on the radio with him kind of cliff on WBZ radio. And I hear about that, like for the next week afterwards, WBZ radio is is a well respected source. We celebrate our 1/100 anniversary with the first radio station in New England went on the air in September, off 1921 on Dwayne er. You could hear us in literally half the country and, of course, anywhere around the world of the thing. Does it have hoped to meet you some day up at the state house or elsewhere? Appreciate it. And again. Best of luck with the treatments will all say a prayer. Thank you very much. Thank you. Did you want me to stay on? Are you moving? I'm gonna let you go because they want to open up phone lines and I want to I want to hear from people. On. I hope you might even just flip on for the rest of the hour. Because you will have your colleague representatives Savage dozer on at 8 30 get some more phone calls as well. Thanks so much. Representative. You're going to enjoy her as well. Thank you. Thank you So much for calling us. Welcome, state representative James Hawkins. Second Bristol district. I'm gonna open up the phone lines now on. I don't care where you're coming from. If you're a teacher, If you're a parent, if you're a taxpayer, the question right now is there is a decree from the Department of Education. The commissioner To have kids kindergarten through five full time in school, learning in person learning by April 5th. That's just a couple of Monday's from now. It's about 2.5 weeks when you really do the math on it. And then he wants middle school students to be in the classroom full time. Five days a week by Wednesday, April 28th and these two legislators, the one you've just heard from and the one you'll hear from it, a 30 state representative Salvador Osa, Uh, they have filed a piece of legislation, which would Essentially give more flexibility to the school district's I want to know what you think. If you're a parent, if you're a teacher, I'm looking at this school year is a lost school year on it just seems to me that On a cost benefit analysis. I don't see how it's beneficial. I really don't get these kids back in school for a few weeks, Max. If that I don't think it'll be a good experience. Feel free to join the conversation would take it so quick calls that will talkto save representative level dosa and we'll continue right up until nine o'clock six or maybe beyond If you want 617 to 5 for 10, 30 Triple 8929 10 30 parents Do you want your kids going back to school full time? For the balance of this year. Beginning sometime in April. Or do you feel Hey like me, This is a lost school year. Let's get our act together and really start for real. Next September, right after Labor Day or whatever the school district is teachers want to hear from you as well. 617254 10 30 Triple 8929 10 30 Coming right back night side with Dan Ray until you BZ Boston's news radio. I have two.

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