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Observatory up on the hill and place the was first built i gather in 1989 then of course as we all know things happened in this country so building where it was put on hold but finally a couple of years ago it opened its doors yeah exactly and after so many years in last couple of years we had and we still have so many good initiatives individual as well as a team initiatives we can say this is a hop in serbia variety and then after we can see so many in meat so many people and companies and startups that was born if i can say they're in size science technology park and i've made it to a pretty much the highest part of belgrade where a little way out of the sensor and this is the science and technology park is a series of five great big towers full of startups and entrepreneurs lots of people laptops writing coat and so on i'm actually outside and the snow has really started folding it's freezing out here but one thing that really catches my ally which is going to be very useful is a mobile phone charging station all i have a certain fine we all know that what i'm talking about where the batteries just romance after about three hours and so this is all part of the strawberry energy he's cofounder and with now one of the cofounders of stroke reality who is behind the strawberry smart bench say tian monetize the rich thank you very much for.

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