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Kelo news time is eight three from the kelocom new center i'm tom savage a seventy five year old man who used to own a daycare business and sioux falls has been accused of sexual abuse involving a third child this time the alleged abuse involved a fouryearold accusations against david hersh also include alleged abuse of a 14yearold and an eightyearold the daycare business closed in june of last year police have been asking that if anyone else knows anything police get in touch nik hill kelocom news republican congressional candidate dusty johnson killed a snake in the black hills and he wants to do the same in washington in his latest video dusty holds a toy sneak in reminds folks of how he killed arrival or out in the hills that was threatening kids at a camp was ronnie he's ready to be dusty the snake killer and congress i work hard them vanquished those snakes but after the vanquished he says you'll call a sneak a snake mark crucial kelocom news if the pay raise plan for state lawmakers goes all the way house speaker mark mickelson estimates it will cost about five hundred thousand dollars mickelson implies there should be plenty of money to cover the cost he says between thirty and forty million dollars of new money is programmed every year in the state budget presuming about two percent in revenue growth if the plan is approved by the voters he wouldn't become law for another two years lawmaker pay would be tied to south dakota's median household income republican state senator states nelson is concerned that illegal immigrants may be attending south dakota's public universities he says the smoke coming out of the universe of south dakota means there's probably fire when you've got the student body down there trying to make the campus the sanctuary campus and then readily admitting jesse do have illegal aliens down there i mean right there is a problem with a proposed bill.

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