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A hitman to kill her husband's ex wife tara arbogast formerly tara lambert was originally convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison for the scheme in two thousand fifteen but her conviction was overturned on appeal over the wording of the original charges in the diepen terror was reindicted and she played guilty today with the breakaway county judge sentencing her to five years in prison with credit for time served investigation continues in hundreds of cars vandalized since last weekend and clinton ville and german village columbus police sergeant jason ears tells abc six officers took notice of something the officers notice a a pattern in the light colored vehicles seem to be getting spray painted where the darker color vehicles were were getting key police hope residents review and provide home surveillance video that could lead investigators to the culprits the vandals could face felony charges to fifteen year olds and a sixteen year old or recovering after columbus police say they were shot in west columbus late last night they say the male teams were shot in the upper body until police a happened when they were walking on the show by avenue police say the teens identified a sixteen year old male is the shooter they say they have a warrant out for that suspect's arrest seems america has a growing depression problem dr john huber clinical forensic psychologist as a simple lack of sunlight may be the problem getting sunlight is very significant in fact study done recently by blue cross blue shield so there was an increase in every state except for hawaii for the percentage of of of depression that we've had out there and that may be the main cause right there hubris anger at the world deaths of loved ones a misalignments of neurotransmitters in the brain can also be involved ads depressions rising fastest among american teenagers radio.

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