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And there's no you know which way to go. You know, I'm saying then why doesn't he do a better job of presenting that record? Stan? I think maybe what somebody said earlier he thought he could. Get Biden rattled or something which that did not work, but I think you should jump on with both feet next time if you have another one. Well, I don't think he was Mr Nice guy this time, I think. Listen, I think you could drop the gloves and swing but you still obey the markets of Queensbury rules. You can still get a lot of knockouts. That way. Joe Louis did Ali did. But you don't necessarily have to go below the belt to win. Does the guys that do that end up losing when we come back? The lawsuit joined by not one but two former secretaries of state against this notion that will still be counting absentee ballots in the state of Michigan. 14 days after the polls closed. There is a tsunami of suits will get you up to date on the latest one from another other than former Secretary of State Ruth Johnson. Next on the guy Gordon show and then back to your calls, and also we'll hear from that Focus Group of undecided How did last night's debate Played with them, We'll be back. Here's Michael steps. Nobody Jr TRAFFIC First. This report is sponsored by T Mobile for Business T Mobile business Advantage Get up to 90 Days of unlimited free on business plans via bill credits when you switch plus taxes and fees stop by for details over 50 gigabytes per month, have lower speeds during congestion Video. For a GP c t mobile dot com In Wen County. You're moving slowly on 94 westbound right now between 75. The lodge, also in Wayne County on 90 40 Span at morass Road. The off ramp blocked the right lane blocked and the service Dr Black due to a spill on the ramp, Make sure you avoid the area and in Oakland County or stop and go on 75 north bound right now between Big Beaver and quirks Road Not to be Gerald Huether first from the Weather Channel, sponsored by shelving dot com, shelving dot com, has been providing wire and metal shelving unit Iraq palate racking and space saving products for 60.

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