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Hey, it's Steve from the meat eater podcast. If you spend a lot of time knocking around the Woods, on the mountains, Friends ranches, whatever? It's a lot of fun and very practical to get a dedicated rig. I have a can am defender. I use all the time and love that thing. We go down every year in January to hunt coos deer, took it down to sonora Mexico. I mean, it completely changed the experience another time. I had an oryx tag. Not on the white sands missile range, but off the off range tag outside the white sands missile range. I did it just because of circumstances we used a buddy's truck, then my buddy drew the same tag right after me. And I said, dude, take my can am down. I've made a huge mistake by not figuring out a way to get down there. He took it down. Our friends at around both hunts were like, that is the way to go. It was the perfect rig. I used to trap him in the winter. I use an ice fishing. If you're thinking about getting like a dedicated side by side, rig. Go with the can am. I like the defender. I got young kids. I got a four door and it's still got a bed. I think it's just a lot of fun. Head on over to can am off road dot com to learn more. Check out their full line of products. You can go in and like figure out, okay, this is the rig I want. I got a winch on mine. I use the winds 'cause we snow plot with it, right? Can am off road dot com. Come November big bucks are not gonna wait for your truck engine problems and this is not the time of year to be late to a date with your hunting buddies. Seafoam cleans harmful gum and varnish buildup from the entire fuel system. Using seafoam motor treatment in your fuel tank gives you one less thing to worry about this fall. Sea foam customers love talking about it because it works fast and it's easy to use, just pour it in your fuel tank and let it go to work. You can find sea foam everywhere. Your neighborhood, auto parts store, farm, and hardware stores, big retailers, you name it. Pick up a can today. On our la, I'm the osa, and I'm mala. And we are the host of locator radio. Is a radio phonic novella, which is just a very extra way of saying a podcast. Favorite podcast bringing interviews with your favorite LatinX creatives to the airwaves. You can listen to locator radio on the iHeartRadio app, Apple podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey, the way I am. First day I remember many. That's what my bunny said that he was a game warden. Nothing, yeah. He said, yeah, I have guys good writing live with them. You know what I'm thinking? That's what we do. Wow. We're on our third and final episode of our secret agent man series with undercover Ohio wildlife agent RT Stewart. On part one, we learned about the big picture mechanics of undercover stings and how RT was a pioneer in the early 1990s for the Ohio department of natural resources. We learned that humans don't do well with chronic stress and discuss the personal toll placed on undercover agents and their families because of it. And in a climactic moment, I asked RT a cutting question was it worth it? You're too good. No. No. It wasn't. No. I look back at it. If I had to do it over again and I knew what I knew right now, I'd say no. But at the time, it's the only thing I knew and the only thing I wanted to do. On the second episode, RT told us about his biggest thing, operation redbud, where 26 men were convicted of over 275 wildlife crimes. They were taken by total surprise. I think we ended up resting 26th that day. 26 people. That's a major operation. And at that particular time it was the largest turkey poaching ring in the country. And on this third episode, we're gonna hear about some close calls where RT was almost found out and explore the idea of human instinct or having a 6th sense or a premonition. But also how that compares with just pure wit, many believe decision making is purely based on observable data, but it sounds like some of our subconscious decision making mechanisms are hardwired into our DNA. We're going to hear about that from doctor Matthew sharps from the University of California and Fresno. So, we're going to explore some of RT's best stories of how he handled trouble and how he used this uncanny wit and intuition to deescalate situations. I really doubt you're going to want to miss this one. RT is calling a bird and the other officer just happens to let it slip out good calling RT. So within a few seconds, he comes back. Yeah, that's why they call me the real turkey RT. Just that quick. He smoothed it over so quickly and so well that there was no question. And he did that time after time after time. My

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