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N. ninety two point one FM I tell you what it is really funny to me how some of this stuff just works out at you know that the fact that this guy's lawyer said been members escort for the White House told service is no longer needed does this press availability crap is just stupid that's the only way I know how to put it it's just it shows you how much she couldn't have been trusted that that may be the better way of saying it's it's obvious that he cannot be trusted it's obvious that he's corrupt it's obvious city shading it's obviously cannot be trusted and he and his brother saying Adios them for the White House I don't blame them at all I think it's important that you have people around you that are not threats to you and these people are clearly threats the presidency they're clearly threats to his at what he's trying to do he clearly does not I don't know how the president could do his job even under this type of stress I just don't get it I do not get it five three five nine seven three two five three five nine seven three to the eight hundred number one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two let's get to your phone calls on this and also police here in Memphis is residency requirement issue are the politicians I think they're going to kind of like what's out and make you wait till November and let you decide on police residency I think they should do it right now I don't think they should wait I think they should do it immediately our E. get I'll get your reaction to that as well five three five nine seven three two five three five nine seven three to the eight hundred number one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two let me go to Joe thanks for waiting on the bench for uses show high Hey Ben item and could I get you Sir you as well I'm just curious what the stated reason for the residency requirement this is the reason is the logic was what we're giving them their tax towers in those tax dollars are paying someone should be staying inside of Memphis they ate the second logic that they use is this point they say well you know we we you can trust the police officer to have the right intentions care about your community well you know in fact I read you what Ryan pope said at the commercial appeal the question voters will get he says let me let me read this to you says if you ask people if they want officers of the committee the probably say yes but if you have said they want more officers on the street so probably say yes to that and if you have some which is more important that we have more officers or that our officers live in Memphis I strongly suspect most means would check the more officers box however they say that these advocates and experts switcher budget nerds at universities not not really thinking about real life in my opinion they advocate for residency requirement saying it's preferable to have officers live inside rather than outside the city limits hiring officers unfamiliar with the city or who don't share its values could create trouble well your five hundred officers down so the criminals are because they have a lot more trouble than these police officers and they're claiming could create trouble you get my point yeah also like PS three I think they're just trying to encourage more minority participation and they've been good about it was it certainly paid out of that it was you that yeah there was a lot of this was minority participation back in the day a lot of it was you know if you don't want to live here that we don't want that we that we don't want you here this this liberal air again to the city council and the and the mayor's office at the time right and there was this you know what we want to we want you to have skin in the game to be here and how dare you think you can protect as well not living here that's crazy I look I know a ton of people that work in Memphis eleven of this I'm not going to be work outside of members don't live there is a work outside of Memphis it has nothing it it doesn't do it has no bearing on their work I I bet you this and this I'm guessing okay thank you to great example I bet you thirty forty fifty percent of people that work at Saint Jude do not live in the city of Memphis it should have no bearing it is like yeah right Peter thing find the best person for the job that's what I said yeah I agree with your partner well cut you loose man if I do I was curious what the stated reason was yeah that's it thank you brother good to talk to you five three five nine seven three two James thanks for waiting around the bend Ferguson show high are you good Sir how are you your take it shouldn't matter there go you livia you should be over comments are we're already short handed so why would you hold good candidates black smoke coming to work if all you're going to work do your job which is my well I I've even said if you want to have this narcissistic approach do it when you're ninety eight percent capacity on the on the police and fire and then you can be a you can have these dumb rules right like at that point you really can't have these dumb arbitrary rules because you've you protect the citizens of Emma's but if you drop below ninety eight or ninety six or ninety five percent right of occupancy then then at that point the residency requirement should immediately basically be table it doesn't matter until you get that number back up why I agree I'm okay with even having a bonus structure you live inside the city of Memphis to pay an extra five grand a year I'd be fine with that if you want to do that but this idea that you have to live here is just stupid but it is one of four to five hundred police officers down it's a dumb dumb rule I got a mortgage on a more in them all over the interstate once I stop so you know then you'll see some woman whose planners another shooting awesome all right Jake James hold on I want to do the conversation you hold on one second okay five three five nine seven three two five three five nine seven three two what are you doing tonight you don't have plans yet you want to come out to date night.

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