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Meteorologist Dave Fraser says each of the January Snow's saw less than two inches of accumulation in Denver next week's storm could double that amount. Colorado Springs, M. M A fighter Raquel Pennington will not be fighting for several months following a suspension. The U. S Anti Doping agency announced the band Thursday, saying she took medications which are on a UFC list of banned substances. Pennington self reported the violation, saying it was important for her to do the right thing. I'm Chad Bauer on K O a news radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM. But the best friends support traffic center. It'll be a quiet drive on the metro You free once got no major incidents with lace for the moment. No woman I roadwork is causing any problems. C 4 70 people Highlands Ranch, You're gonna find speech gonna be normal. There's no problems in the 4 70 25 through the text center. It was looking good. You'll make the time on. I 70 between over or in golden. There's no incidents on 36 between here and colder, and you should be able to make a time out to the airport on Pina Boulevard, Fox 31 pinpoint whether it's going to be partly sunny with a high of 58 Tonight. Sloan's gonna be about 27 tomorrow. Expect around 49 with the lower around 28. Then on Sunday, I have 50 currently it's 29. I'm very outgoing Keohane news radio live everywhere on the I Heart radio app it then I will be a president for all Americans. Executive orders. It's no changes. In the 8400 deaths get the vaccine distributed its back. We're about to impeach.

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