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Made in nineteen seventy five. Oh, yeah. I remember when it first came out. I was in DC at that time. And I remember watching it. I mean, I went to a theater and saw it man that was a scary movie. And it started out scary and got scarier, but it was a great to have such few scenes that could scare the wits out of you. Yeah. I mean, there's only like one or two but lasted the whole movie and every time you heard that musing. I mean, even if you lived in Mississippi were like you went to the beach. You look out there like. I don't think I'm gonna go see any out here. I've seen him out in the bay from the condo before dark. How do you know on a dolphin in? Well, it could be a dolphin. But because you do see dolphins very often. Almost daily you find them out there. Hey, this is just outrageous. And we're going to have to do something about it. Pasco man is in jail after he hit his girlfriend with a burrito. Peter alachua forty-one arrested in connection was something that happened last week he arguing with his girlfriend and at some point they say shoved her into a chair and through his burrito etter hitter on the left side of her face. And the first deputy saw the contents of the burrito on the victim's face, neck shoulder and chest area. Wouldn't it? Be condiments not contents. No. Here in Lockwood left the scene after the incident, a call to let them know. And I g refused cooperation. So he was making a run for the border after he threw his burrito lettera. Yeah. They were able to eventually find him and arrest him for domestic battery. But now there are a lot of people calling for. A lot of people calling for burrito control. Yes. Five day. Wait every time. You order a burrito. You gotta wait five days. So they can check your background and make sure you're not gonna do something dangerous with it. What caliber burrito was it? I think it was a small caliber. Yeah. The weirdest thing is this happened like two weeks ago with another guy in Florida who was accused of smashing Taco Bell burritos in his wife's face during an argument. So this is in two weeks. We've had a burrito incident. Burrito control. Maybe it's a mood phase. There's got to be a background check on their burritos. We agree with Jacqueline. Stop wasting burritos. Everyone six fifty cents sauce was an AM Tampa Bay..

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