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Funny car drivers will continue their side-by-side battles March fourteenth through seventeenth picks. The must see event of the twenty thousand nine mellow yellow drag racing series kids, twelve and under our free general admission. Every ticket includes access to the race picks. Get tickets early for the world's most explosive motor sport, NHRA dot com. Come to the grand opening of a new express oil change and tire engineers at trinity lake smart seven through the night, enjoy food and prizes. Plus get great deals like fifty percent off oil changes all weekend. Express oil change entire engineers now at trinity lakes. We take care of your car and your stress Coney as a unit. Venison's weekend. February sixteenth through March. Thirty first discount coupons available, hungry, hungry Howie's coupon. The ticket discount tickets are available at certain. Dot com. A hundred mile thrill rides beaten. With this week. Really really wild breaks fine. When the green flag waves. I don't think anybody knows what to expect in what's going to happen here, Wendy. It's dusty go racing. It will be a day of action. The most of the energy NASCAR Cup series. I assume raceway Sunday three thirty PM eastern on FOX. Furman Ford's March madness sales event is happening. Now, save thousands of MS RPM on f one fifty s explore Mustang and escape with zero percent financing available for up to seventy two months on select models. And we don't have what you're looking for. We'll fight. Don't miss your chance to save big stop by urban four to get the best deals of the year before they're gone fine firm and four twenty minutes from west chase downtown Tampa, Saint Petersburg, just one mile south of countryside. Molly Clearwater or online twenty four seven and Berman four dot com. Gets a Maloney's local Irish pub on Saint Patrick's Day Sunday March seventeenth for the tenth annual Saint Patrick's Day party. The party starts with live music from Padma drawing and blindsided followed by Patty melting performance by pimple toddler at eight PM five dollar cover till three ten dollars after three from Bud Light, Mike, Celtics show and..

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