President Trump, Africa, Addis Ababa Kwami discussed on BBC World Service


Of the cold war but everyone felt the urgency of africans talking to themselves and facing the world in in some form or other it was going to be a tough job to work out a final charter which every african state could accept the main difference of opinion was whether there should be a gradual approach to african unity or whether there should be full political unity straight away what kind of a unity is going to be as inclusive demanded states of africa american or what are down version of that and so inside the newly built africa hole in addis ababa kwami in creamer gone is president passionately tried to convince the others of his dream of immediate african union we all want africa united not only in our concept of what unity connotes but you get in our common desire to move forward together in dealing with all the problems that can best be solved only on the continental we must therefore not leave this place on till we have set up an effective missionary for stephen african unity nary was another giant of the struggle against colonialism and he became the voice of a more pragmatic gradual approach that is not going to be a god who will bring about african unity by merely willing unity and saying let there be unity.

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