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Don't want to open up the first page of the paper and siham in please. Logging know your name or something you know so he. He was reading by the time he was three and he was. He went to drexel and graduated drexel university. And we're just so proud of him. Proud of all of our kids you know they. They haven't been on the second page the newspaper yet knock wood but we came. It was a long travel. You know and my wife and i had a lot of a lot of fun times raising these kids and you know it takes a good woman to to back you and support you and moving around and work in every weekend. And that's that's a hard life to work every weekend and you sacrificed. And i went to the school. Pta meeting and said mr davis. Everything's fine but we got a big problem here. I said well what. What's that says. Well your kids have missed eleven tuesdays in a row and i said oh yes that's true. She says well we're going to do about it. I said well ma'am none. You know and i said man. I put my neck on the line every day nine times a day. And when i come home i say my prayers and my blessings and every saturday and sunday. I miss the ball games. I missed the cheerleading wrestling and soccer games. But when tuesday comes i don't have the heart to take these kids and drop them off at the school and so i- hook up the fishing boat and we go to the direction and pack a lunch and we go out on the water. We do something to the bowling alley and we go do something. Well mr davis. That's so great of you. She says you continue. Do what you're doing and just be sure. They do their homework on tuesday oft said no problem so we worked around a little bit and it was great. Wow that's that's a bit of me of raising kids on the racetrack right. The the question of the day the fantastic question of the day. Who was your big span. When you're riding races all my mother. Yeah my mom. Bless her heart. She died a year ago yesterday on the first september. In see i'd flyer all over the country chicago. Del mar and she got to meet tim conway and she was just the backbone of the family and she was four all four foot eight and just full of vinegar and honey she was. He didn't want to rubber wrong but she was so much fun and she always told me she said. Don't let nobody tell you can't do it. And they don't believe in you tell him to sit back and watch because you're gonna show him and she was just she's fabulous in all. We really miss her. That's robbi davis. He showed him. I told you that was too good not to replay Fantastic stuff my thanks. To robbie into sean putting that piece together back with more right after this word from the sponsors of that segment fantastic and my.

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