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Shows the thirty four year old gunshot victims staggering across the street from the Tompkins houses before collapsing on the sidewalk and police say the victim was shot once in the chest the top seven sixty Park Avenue. Passer-by tried to help him and call nine one one. He was rushed to Woodall hospital in critical condition. Police are searching for the gunman. Al Jones ten ten wins on Park Avenue in bed. Stuy brooklyn. You can see surveillance video the shooting at tens end wins dot com wins news time three oh three. A back to school stabbing in the Bronx to return to the classroom after the long holiday break apparently didn't calm some nerves in money even thirteen year old girl stamped a fourteen year old boy in the shoulder at the hostas Lincoln academy of science and avenue lunchtime. The cafeteria no word on a motive. He needs girl taken into police custody charges, pending. Why now session with congress? Top leaders did not lead to any breakthroughs and ending the partial government shutdown Democrats, take control of congress this morning. They met in the situation room for a border security briefing hours after the president would not venture a guess as to win the shutdown would end could be a long time. Quickly Nancy Pelosi Democrats say they'll introduce bills tomorrow to reopen. The government saying the president's using the American people as hostages and demanding money for a border wall. Whereas the president to open up government, but the Democrats plan has no wall money at the house GOP leader. Kevin McCarthy says they insist on stage show vote instead of working on a compromise. But he sure what will come. I think we can come to an agreement rather quickly. Saga megani? At the White House wins news time three or four. So many times who tell you about massive multi-state lottery. Jackpots one in states very far away from New York, New jersey in Connecticut. This time, though, the winner is within our midst, though, they remain a mystery. It's what so many people wish for that. They can go buy some gas and a lottery ticket and poof instant millionaire the four hundred twenty five million dollar ticket was bought at the BP station on northern boulevard right on the border of Glen head and upper Brookville, the owner j one was tickled mazing.

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