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There is no room sam it's two different beast every now you know it's like a golf course where it can look the same every day it's the same old augusta national but she plays different every time you don't know what the grass is like today no now you gotta think of another my next sports i like that we're going into golf now barely qualifies as a sport by more of a sport than wrestling i here's the thing i'm gonna quote the lake great richard jenny he says golf is not a sport because unlike the majors there is not enough chance of injury if the chance of major injury is is under five percent you can't call it it is so funny to like if you pose russell westbrook and the free throw line on the road and just how crazy the fans are going to try to distract them and then you cut to a golf course everybody's gotta be like perfectly still always screen babu until after yeah so anything that they yell soon as tiger tees off here bubba your mashed potatoes his thing people mashed potatoes all that do you watch oh five or six years love washington all right all right good to know especially when mark yeah so harlow where does the dillydally commend to play so while i was doing stand up in two thousand and one i was working at california pizza kitchen before dan antic pave the way.

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