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Let's go to Randi cop. Thank you. Randy get after noon. Thank you for taking my call got two items that I'd like to cover with you go. I'm in the process of looking for car, I can either go new or used so for the new I'm looking at Honda Accord and wanted to find out if you had a dealer or contact that you want to recommend court. Of course, I do. You wanna go down and see Dan Smith at Huggins, Honda over and Hearst. Very good. That was easy. Dan's good guy, Dan's guy, my buddy, David albatross who have had on the show many times general manager there. I've known Ronnie Huggins, I've known Ronnie since he was a pup. I was there when the original dealership open back in nineteen eighty or eighty one. So very good. That's that's an important year for me because that's when I graduated well as a matter of fact for those old enough to remember, gene Huggins had moved here. I want to say North Carolina, and there they had a band there back when dealerships did stuff like that? And Jerry max lane played to the crowd. So they were doing country and western music for people buying Hondas. Well, I'm not sure that actually lined up, but we all knew Jerry max. And he was a good guy. So ask for Don. Smith, not run. But Don Smith, Dan as in. Yes. Dan smith. Okay. All right next question. I'm also considering used car I live CD players. I've got too many CD's don't. Randy. You were living in the past baby. You know this. I know a mind a modern CD player is your smartphone. No. But okay, now, you know, I do a moment. Rock and roll history. Right. Yes. And also do classic tracks in the first hour of the show. So if I can't it all the CDs in the CD racks in my studio, how many would you guess I would have thousand about fourteen hundred fifty CD's. Okay. When was the last time, you think I've pulled a CD out of my CD racks, the cover a good portion of the wall. Oh, two years ago. Maybe fifteen. And I would take them to half price books. Other than the fact I don't need to be ripped off that bad and spend four hours getting ripped off that bad. But I simply put them into my computer, and it actually translates into a little over eight hundred songs. When I got rid of all the duplicates. I have time to do that. I've got a lot of seedy I had over fourteen almost fifteen hundred of them now. Wait a minute. Wait a minute gets better. I actually went and dated the songs. So if I want to say, I'm looking at music from nineteen sixty five I only have to type and die tunes. Nineteen sixty five and pulls up every song from that year. I have the Mark all the way back to the eighteen nineties because I actually have some songs off the old literally gramophones at Addison made though I have lost and clean, and they're dated back to the eighteen nineties too. But I might need to find a specific song from specific year more than you will Randy. Well, yeah. And and what it is. If they're if they worry used car out there that had a CD player in it that you would recommend what would that be Hicabi? And who might contact to look at something like that? Okay. Randy. I don't know which cars still have CDs. I know my Mitsubishi Electric cars seven years old, and it has a CD player in it. Aspirin. How many CD's I put in it? Zero. There you go. So the thing is changed. Because now on my phone. I have on my phone one hundred twenty songs that I really really like, right? Right. And but my phone is big enough on the size. I could probably put a thousand songs on it. And when we got my wife's Jag, and I'm gonna give Jaguar credit that was the easiest connection between a phone car. I've ever seen it was instantaneous. And so you simply pull up your your phone on the dash. And you say here's a playlist. I wanna hear and you're good. You could you could put enough phones. Enough songs in your phone to drive from here LA and never repeat. You talking to instill has a four so and I'm proud of you. But it's it's a new century Randy. Oh, okay. Remember, I started on eight track tapes right here. How bad are those awful? There you go. But I started on eight track tapes. And I got hip I got cassettes, then I got slightly hip because I had a CD player fairly early on when they had no warmth to them Randy when they're pretty staticky pretty digital sounding. And then I found out you can put all this in the computer, and it's all at your fingertips instantaneously. Little quality. When it went to that MP3. format. There's no doubt an MP three four. Matt is not like listening to the master tape before it was mastered to make the MP three format, but if you're into tunes, they also have the AFC format, which is an even smaller file, and it is slightly cleaner. However at our age our ears of deteriorated enough MP threes, probably sound, okay. To us. Thank you. I appreciate you. Okay. Randy have a good weekend, buddy. We'll be back in a.

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