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He is dominated the tournament at both both sides. He won the master's. I think by twelve and he won the US Open at pebble. I think by fifteen things are lining up. And it's just scary. How this happens in sports? Tiger may be picking up another major here. Get a gusty, April and may be another one in June. It's a great feeling. I love it. Peter Jacobsen right there. Talking little golf the Ryder Cup is this week in France middle middle of the night ti- times two AM team USA is favored. Can you name the European? I was gonna ask you this. Now, I want to do something else. Instead. I wanted to see if you could like how many guys you could name on team Europe. Okay. I forget it is. I know one guy that's on it because I'm talking to Brian about this guy. Should not be on the team. Okay. The Italian guy that Brian picked to win the US open Francesco Molinari. Yeah. He's on it. Yep. Sergio was on it. Okay. In poulter. Yup. Justin rose. Lee Westwood still play golf. Oh, McElroy McElroy. Westwood is not on the team. Charles schwartz. All know, he's from things from South Africa to bed. Rose mcilroy. Jon Rahm from Spain. Okay. Tommy fleetwood. All right hair, England, maybe Poulter Molinari, Henrik Stinson Garcia, Paul Casey, Alex Noren. I think he might be from Denmark. From Denver Simpson. I Sweden Swedish. I would've gotten Stinson, Alex, nor I think maybe he Sweden swings. My guests. You rush me Jordan born Olsen. Mccurry and tyrel Hatton that I don't think I've ever heard of tyrel hen me either no Olsen, though, he made it interesting one of the one of our bets wants, that's. All right. So how about this? Fan duel and draft kings. You know, what they are fan duel. Is it might vary week to week? And I don't know, but at least to start the season including last week..

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