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For me to judge what it would affect him talking about his country isn't fair, but I had already said that you're a loser and no one likes you and that's why you didn't get the Putin gold card. That's what I know I haven't heard the audio, but that's just a rumor coming out of the from between the benches there. What do you think are? Yeah, I don't know. I mean, you can get personal. I think basically if it's not, you're not using racial shit, you know, ethnic stuff. I think we can say whatever, man. It's the NHL. People are the best players in the world. People are going to say nasty stuff. They're going to chirp up. And, you know, I know new generations of, you know, a little I don't want to say soft, but maybe a little more sensitive about this stuff. But yeah, if it's not something about someone, you know, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation or anything like that. Fuck it, man. It should be, you know, whatever. You're making fun of Russia than say some about fucking his country. Now mind you, I'm completely fine and it was hilarious that Panera and through the glove atom. And if what he said made Panera and so mad that he fought him, which, by the way, parents fought before. He kind of chucked them. But Aaron Marshall would actually be a fun fight for mortgage fight. So if it upset him that much, 100%, I don't blame him, do whatever you want. But I just am saying, I don't think he deserves to be suspended for saving about Russia, right? If it pisses him off, I don't blame the kid, but in the end, it's like, do I think it's that bad? No. But is Panera definitely gonna play for Russia in the Olympics if these players actually end up going? Wow, that's a good, I don't know, that's a great question. As I'd even brought up, I have no idea, but he's been openly speaking out against the country. Putin is like the he's like the super team national team. Yeah. Exactly. He's the 13th forward. Got a snipe. We got a good snape too. During the game, too, Sean McDonough, the announcer said he talked to tuca rask rass told him he'll be skating 5 times a week beginning next week. He hopes to return to play in January, hopes it will be as a bro and I can't imagine he'll go anywhere else. I'll mock and swimming. Well, before last night's game combined 9 O 8, 8 percentage, that's not a number that's gonna probably even get you into the playoffs. So a healthy prominent to the bruins January would be a pretty welcome site for that squad. Given the way the golden has been, although mock was pretty good last night, you think he's going to definitely be back a lot with. I think he would like to be in the way the teams looked. It makes total sense. There's bruins fans who think that's crazy and don't want them back. Well, you've seen kind of how average your team is this year. It seems like they win one lose one, same thing on and on. The goaltending while at times has been good overall isn't good enough. So why not bring back one of the best goalies to ever played for the bruins? Yeah, that's a fact, right? And swam in still on entry level so you can send them down no way. All of a sudden though, what happens to the salary cap? Are they going to be jammed up towards all he would have to sign? He'll take the buffalo buffalo. Yeah, because he's made his money. He said he money's not a concern at this. Oh my God. Fans not wanting them back at 7 50. Could you imagine that? I don't know if it would actually be 7 50, but it wouldn't be 6 million. It would be very low. He won't be playing. He basically said he wouldn't be playing for money. He would just be playing for the sake. For the impacts for the road, that's fucking nice of him. What a guy. For everything he's taken in that city man, as far as the criticism, he's a fucking G if I'm Ken hall and I'm hopping on a first class finish airlines flight right over to well, I guess he's in Boston. But I'm just trying to be like, get up to Edmonton, tuka. Win a Stanley Cup with the oilers. Once an oiler always an oiler, no matter where you're from. All right, the other crazy just the weekend. A helmet toss. We had the glove toss the fight and the bite now he got too sweets too. Linda scarred me. He could be a snapshot sometimes. At Coleman was going at it with random just ripped his helmet off and chucked it. Linda Scott comes in just pummels his countrymen. I mean, these guys have been on the same national teams together. And then there was a funny clip later in the game written and got a hat trick. See that? Someone's really handling it right in his lap. He checked it on the back of his head just like a two, three second clip, but absolutely hilarious. It was caves who put the hat on. Oh, who does say? I'm sorry. I think you said land as far. It doesn't matter. It was hilarious. It lands on you just throws it on backwards quick. It cuts off, but the abs are looking. They're starting to move now. And I knew cadre was good. That's why you always say if you can get cadre going if you could just play hockey and not be an idiot with these hits and these dirty plays that get some booted out of this playoff series. He's so good and such a difference maker. And now, I think it's 21 points in the last ten games or something like that. Rocketing up the league leaders in points and he's phenomenal. And to do all this without McKinnon shows this team should easily win that division. Going back to landy, you thought maybe things would calm down with them after you signed the big ticket? Absolutely not. He was going with Hartman. In Minnesota and preseason,.

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