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So which is headed toward Bermuda will continue to cause rip currents all up and down the east coast as we go through the next couple of days mainly clear calm and cool tonight lows in the mid fifties we'll see a chance of a shower along the shore mainly on Wednesday otherwise dry highs in the upper sixties sunshine low seventies Thursday and warming up on Friday sunny with a high near eighty five urologist parts of it I think the the grease in Woodbridge sixty one degrees in Pleasantville fifty eight degrees in these ones are faster having instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one a one point five. join New Jersey one one point five big Joe Andruzzi work as live from back its accuracy and health clinic in Belle Mead Saturday and nine AM the waterhole for more information visit the events page at NJ one oh one five eight nine Jones was a walk this whole. hold me makes it to the wall. finishes. this food. and soon. I want to drive the pace car for the walk maybe even worse I think you might be harder to try to maintain a walking pace in any sort on I've become a jog to become a writer thank you guys catch up did you see bell was clocked at twenty one miles an hour hi so that Austin he's fast man if only the giants had a wide receiver of Odell Beckham junior capacity I am now a change that would make Daniel Jones is life a little bit easier not he's Startin at the go Jo ran twenty five one you just Cleveland from the job. he have spring in his step he was happy was cherry meanwhile we got home game Jones so what happened at that UFO story now my god I Bob's reliable guy I am just robs you know chief of detectives he's gonna try to pull a fast one no he's he's for real and imagined have you ever seen UFO. I don't think so but if I had it's probably been white from my memory by now by the way. but I'm a big.

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