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And that year. I was like okay. That wasn't part of my plan. what do i need. I need to pay attention to this. This is important. I think this will actually scale. And it was in december of eighty. Five that i created the plan to scale be an i because i was just being pulled through the marketplace. Luckily i recognized it so 1985. Let's fast forward. Where were you in three years in three years. We had only sixty chapters. We open twenty chapters a year for three years within four years. We up to a ninety chapters and then it just kept going up and up and up during the middle of cova craziest year ever experienced. We opened four hundred chapters four hundred chapters so needless to say some point early in this journey you decided to being a consult was not going to continue to good call. Oh we'll typing and entrepreneur instead. Yeah well you know as it was my own company. So i kind of was an entrepreneur. One of the things. That i considered was as a consultant. I can work with four or five. Maybe ten clients at a time. But we've seen i could work with hundreds maybe potentially thousands now hundreds of thousands in that attracted me. I actually took a cut in income to transition from being a consultant. To be an i. Because i made great money as a consultant and be and i was new. It was about nine hundred. Eighty nine where i basically sold off my consulting practice and decided to being fulltime so sellers. What were the factors that you found that gave you leverage because you this is about leverage your way that you've grown this. Yeah so you got to write everything down. And i'm sure some of your listeners have heard this but you gotta do it whatever processes or systems you. Have you have to write them down. What doesn't work. you have to write it down. Because education training employees is a leaky bucket process. If you train me on something some of the information leaks out. If i train someone else more information leagues when they train another person you have a half a bucket of information and then what happens is people start throwing their own stuff in and probably isn't as good as the original so you have to write everything down and then train people on how to.

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