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To be like f course that's a director and and the women in the film who we interviewed who are experts on these issues like caroline nebraska at sundance end stacy smith at euasean dr martha laws then at san diego state university women tend not to be in these networks of influence as much at the agencies and production companies and networks they're still largely run by men and men run in those networks and just have more access to these opportunities as her interview iron these directors you also show your side of the interview and are often shows that there are mainly women behind your cameras with that important to you that a film about female directors be made by female filmmakers absolutely with this film it was certainly was important for me to work with a largely female crew to give women who i know are so talented who haven't had the opportunities they deserve to get some of those opportunities and also sitting in these interviews they were just like a master class with each of these directors and every woman who was in that room left the room just kind of spinning inspired like ready to take on the worlds and i felt like if i can give women the opportunity to be sitting in this room with a bit of aaron angel solloway in lena dunham and tina may brie and all these incredible women telling their stories um you know that was important as well amy adrian is the director and producer of the documentary half the picture amy thanks so much for coming in this was a thrill thank you so much for having me a b adriaan half the picture will be in theaters in june coming up here override the director of donald glover's ever inventive series atlanta oh oh god okay akg by monday no horse on next time on that you know usa we go to enter the ill aka the rodeo deal with them lam sign strategy what is that a be diamond goats criville lam said that's next time on that dino usa tonight at nine on eighty three kpcc from.

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