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In fact, there is a lot of evidence that there has been and continues to be a sequela from the institutional designs that have existed. And so we jump forward into this. We were having a conversation and then we're yelling at each other. And then we still haven't gotten past it. And then you continue to have the incredible deaths that we've had. I could start back before Emmett Till if you wanted to start back before the lynchings, we don't have to do that. You all are all smart. You can think about it. But the relationship between the African American community and the police departments in this country have been fraught with tremendous difficulty, the George Floyd murder with Derek Chauvin is still in everybody's mind and then of course Harry Nichols was murdered the other day by 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 police officers who were acting in the wrong way with uniforms on, but they murdered him. And I had the honor of representing the president along with marisha Lance bottoms and the vice president and a Tyree Nichols funeral. Every white person in America should be able to understand that when you look in a mother's eyes where they should be white or black or Hispanic or Asian and that mother has had to watch her son get stomped to death, you have to find some level of communion in that. And when you start talking about well, the police are not the police. Well, you have to start saying, well, not in America. That shouldn't happen here. And we shouldn't be having this conversation over and over again. So the president did address this the other day. In the State of the Union speech, and the truth of the matter is I have never been more proud and more honored to serve him because he said two reasons. We obviously love and care and think a lot about men and women who put their lives on the line every day and might not come home as a mayor. I actually had to go to the funeral of the police officer who we shot in the head and sit with his wife. So that's a painful experience. But it is also true that police officers who act the wrong way who do the wrong thing who acting as police officers do should be removed because that is a crime too. And he spoke directly to that that we can have justice and we can have peace. But you can't have justice in peace if the community does not trust police officers. So he spoke to that issue. But he said something that no president's ever said, much less from the well of the people's house, is that a lot of white people don't understand that African American community members have to have something called the talk.

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