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To nine three seven seven six go right to the phone lines with daniel and south carolina was talking about lebron daniel go ahead hey how's it going guys i will admit it beginning that this is a bit of a homework i'm a spurs fan but i have an idea what is you know we know that what blown and pop or tight and he's always kinda wanted to play for what if lebron signed a one year deal with san antonio and they decide to keep cool y try it out for years if they can all come to spend the year to try to work out the guinness street and then they can both potentially resign at the end of next year and then lebron and i think what brian's got a much better chance of taken down golden state and say tonio that he does it away so i know it's a long shot that will we not something popularity would agree to but i'd be thrilled if they did something like that daniel you're getting the hopes up you should do that daniels not it's not allowed on this show daniel you are the most intelligent caller i've ever show that i've ever been on that is brilliant and it's not a homer question it's a home run questioned i think that is a perfect scenario for lebron and kawhi trying out one year in san antonio why not it works jeff danny daniel that's legit i like it i feel bad now you're like so excited and you just associated for just no apparent reason was very excited in south carolina to there's nothing that really links look i think that in the nba and nfl baseball less of this and we kind of have ideas like you know bryce harper will eventually be a yankee who knows who doesn't know but in football and baseball we kind of know where guys go in a couple of days before free agency adam schefter out here tween out four days before the nfl players are going we have woes and all these other mba insiders tweeting out where they think players are going they're pretty accurate and no one has lincoln abroad to san antonio it would be a big big shock if he were up there and from a basketball perspective for a one year contract it's not a bad place to be the problem is is then do you superman max co why and how do you pay lebron after the year and i think there's other things that go into play i don't think lebron wants to go somewhere for just a year it'd be a mercenary now i'm sure he doesn't but they can work it out they have accounts that our work that stuff out jeff so quickly so remember last year at the trade deadline when justin verlander wanted to go to the cubs or the dodgers and he had the authority to knicks any trade that he wanted because of his ten five rights sorry at the last minute of the trade deadline houston sweeps in and takes him and he says yes i'll go and then all of a sudden they go and win the world series so why can't we just think that possibly there's a chance i would imagine that there has been a far as head about one thought that's it and los angeles sometimes it only takes one sometimes only does take one thought all right we're going back to the phone lines dug in utah wanna talk lebron you'll head doug yes absolutely okay thanks for taking my call even though i didn't her up to san antonio guy take a one year contract with somebody that's gonna pay la even before bigfoot now lebron citing landing in la without anybody else he's gonna say that way kids that are gonna stay there ain't got a young team great nucleus paid him in georgia this year and then what happens after very youthful white why yeah i if they trade for now they're probably not going to give him.

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